Young women encouraged to seek a career in the trades

Young women encouraged to seek a career in the trades


NICEIC’s Jobs for the Girls campaign is helping to change the image of construction by encouraging more women to join the sector. But as we celebrate International Women’s Day more work still needs to be done.

Although more women are now choosing to take up a career in construction the numbers are still painfully low. 

Men outnumber women nine to one in the trades sector – with less than 1% of all electricians estimated to be female.

Leading certification body NICEIC believe that more still needs to be done within schools to make choosing a career as an electrician or plumber something that is open to both boys and girls.

“Perceptions of the construction industry are definitely changing and women are increasing filling more roles within the sector,” Commented NICEIC CEO Emma Clancy.

“But many young women are still pushed into careers such as hairdressing or childcare as it is the perceived norm. What we have found in particular is that women who do become electricians often do so later on in life – when in fact they could have started out much sooner if they had the appropriate information or encouragement.”

Through its Jobs for the Girls campaign NICEIC has actively encouraged more women to seek a career as an electrician. It believes that learning a trade is now a viable alternative to studying at university.

“Thankfully, building sites today are a very different place compared to that of ten or even five years ago,” added Emma.

“The job of an electrician is no longer seen as traditionally man’s work and that is definitely something we wanted to achieve when we started this campaign.

“Employers are also more geared up to the benefits of having a diverse workforce and we would encourage anyone who is thinking about a career as an electrician to go for it because of the wide range of opportunities it offers.”


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

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