Workers set out what ‘career success’ means to them

Workers set out what ‘career success’ means to them


Workers who have their own office, a designated car parking space and earn at least £56,000 have achieved ‘ultimate career success’, according to the findings of a study carried out by Reed Recruitment.

The survey set out to identify what workers define as success in their careers, and also highlighted factors including never having to work past 4:45pm, answering to no-one, and having a top of the range company car.

According to respondents, having at least six ‘flexible’ days and maintaining an easy work/life balance also show someone has ‘made it’ on the career ladder.

A Reed spokesman said: “This shows that many British workers have clear aspirations of what their futures could look like, and are ambitious in their targets.

“This shows optimism in the UK’s workforce, and that is positive for the economy. While many respondents don’t yet feel they have achieved ultimate success in their careers, a good three in ten believe they’re on the right path.”

The survey found workers want a degree of flexibility in the benefits they are allowed to take; given the choice, they’d like to have up to seven weeks’ holiday every year. In addition, having enough free time to enjoy at least seven days with their family each month was views as a key part of having achieved ultimate career success.

The research also revealed the ideal age for achieving ‘career success’ is 40; by this point workers hope to have secured themselves respect in the workplace and a satisfactory work / life balance.

The top list of factors indicating ‘career success’:

  • Earning in excess of £56,000 a year
  • Seven weeks;’ annual leave
  • Managing a team of 11 people
  • Attending five business lunches each month
  • Allowed to attend two leisure days each month
  • Put £489.79 on expenses each month
  • Take at least six UK-based business trips each year
  • Take at least three business trips abroad each year
  • The ability to spend seven days with the family each month
  • Work an 8:45am - 16:37pm day
  • The ability to work six ‘flexible’ days a month
  • Having your own office
  • An excellent pension
  • Achieving the perfect work/life balance
  • Owning your own property
  • A designated parking space
  • Your own company car
  • Private healthcare for all family members
  • Benefit from a bonus scheme
  • Having your own PA / secretary
Monday, 18 January 2016

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