When is a car not a car? When it’s an HR Manager.

When is a car not a car? When it’s an HR Manager.


Partnering with creative agency FamousGrey, Volvo tasked them to come up with a recruitment campaign to attract 50 personal service technicians. And they are? Well, they’re technicians who take full responsibility from first customer point of contact, to regular servicing and maintenance. It’s an odd mix of skills, as they need the technical know-how of a mechanic, and the social and communication skills of a salesperson.

So, what do FamousGrey do? They put the car at the heart of the campaign. Obviously, Volvo want to tap into a market that’s passionate about cars (and in particular their cars). Why not use it to its full advantage?

Candidates are first targeted via social media to submit an initial application via the campaign website.

If successful, they’re invited along to be interviewed. By the car. It’s genius. It’s simple. It’s complicated. It’s fun.

Taking a Volvo S90, they’ve equipped it with artificial intelligence to turn it into the HR90. And it won’t hold back. The car quizzes potential candidates via image recognition, mapping and analysis of pre-set parameters. It then analyses facial expressions and word use to work out if they’ve got the right knowledge, motivation and social skills needed to do the job.

An evaluation document is made by the car’s AI and is sent to HR (the real, live, breathing kind). If they like what they see, the candidate is asked to upload more information, and then they’ll be invited to meet with an HR manager (again, of the human variety).

Now, we know there will be the cynics amongst us questioning ROI and cost per hire… etc. And we get that. But sometimes, it’s nice to see companies putting themselves out there. It’s particularly refreshing to see a bold campaign aimed at the professional market too. We’d like to think they get their hires too.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

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