What’s the return on candidate engagement?

What’s the return on candidate engagement?

Meet & Engage, Cielo and Capp hosted their breakfast event in the City last week. At their second event of the year, they were joined by over 50 senior resourcing and talent acquisition professionals to focus on the new measurement in town – return on engagement. During the session the partnership explored the true value of positive candidate experience and the cost of poor experience to businesses.

Paula Parfitt, SVP for Cielo, kicked of the session by sharing a preview from Cielo’s newTA360 research to be launched on Wednesday 17th October 2018. The themes were clear; that both C-Suite and HR believe that delivering great candidate experience is amongst their top priorities. However, the research goes to show that whilst it’s a stated priority, the reality is quite different. 70% of candidates surveyed stated they were not very satisfied with their recruitment process and a shocking 50% of candidates said they only ‘sometimes’ heard back from prospective employers when they applied. Paula went on to share that measuring candidate experience was stated as key for the majority of organisations asked – again amongst both the C-Suite and HR communities. But when asked how often they measured candidate experience, quarterly and annually were by far the most chosen answers. So, despite the intentions, just how seriously are businesses taking the equation between poor candidate experience and value to the business?

Glen McGowan, Global Head of GBM Emerging & Future Talent, shared the journey HSBC and Capp had been on to drive improvements in the recruitment and selection process emerging talent go through to join the business. Glen was clear that candidate experience was an imperative for success in attracting and hiring the talent HSBC needs. The competitive market place, importance of first impression and candidates as future consumers, meant the business needed to move from a traditional, time consuming and inconsistent process to one which is now realistic, educational, bespoke and two-way. The results have been impressive – with positive engagement scores, no adverse impact and even improved engagement on joining. Lastly, Glen shared his key pointers when embarking on such a programme of change; have the resources to implement the programme, engage the business in the change, simplify the project governance and set realistic timescales.

Meet & Engage were joined by client Becky Pulley, Recruitment Marketing and Candidate Experience Lead at BT, who shared the journey she’s taking her organisation on when it comes to the experience they give their candidates. Recognising that candidates are consumers and vice versa combined with potential cost of poor candidate experience could mean losses upwards of £10.7m – Becky’s team now includes candidate experience as well as recruitment marketing and social media. Describing NPS (Net Promotor Score) as their North Star, the team at BT have focussed analysing the feedback from candidates to spot priority areas for improvement. As well as onboarding, the keep warm period between offer and day one has been a pain point. Using the Apprentice community as a pilot for new technology and techniques, the team have seen great returns on increased engagement. Becky shared that “Fast-forward to 2018 and the team are now consistently using Meet & Engage to hold sessions with their apprentices before they join. They run through some information on what the scheme is about, talk about what their training will be like, give them some insight into their shift patterns and also introduce them to each other so, before their first day, our apprentices know who will be on their intake and probably in their team going forward. It works perfectly, we’re seeing fewer drop-outs as time goes on and, when they join, the apprentices are already more engaged and excited about being part of BT”. Now for the graduate cycle 2019.

Nicola Sullivan, Director at Meet & Engage, said of the event “We’re convinced, through the work we do with our clients, that organisations can make a strong link between candidate experience and value to their business. What’s great to hear today is two global employers evidencing this fact through their own case studies and data. Add to that the clear message from Cielo’s research and expertise, and we’re more certain than ever that we’ll see a step-change in the way organisations treat their candidates during the recruitment journey”.

For a copy of Cielo’s research, please contact Debbie.Pedder@cielotalent.com

Thursday, 11 October 2018

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