What’s in a job title?

What’s in a job title?


We’re not going to lie. We loved this! Granted, when we first got the email, we wondered what on earth a specialist insurer underwriting personal and business risks was doing by interviewing all and sundry about their thoughts on certain job titles.

Then, if you read their blog, you start to understand. In short, they’re saying that how we work is constantly evolving as we become a workforce that’s increasingly outsourced, on-demand and augmented by AI. And, because of that, the workers that fall into that category, should be better prepared (i.e., insured). Then, to really drive home that point, they go out to the streets and ask people to guess what past, present and future job titles mean.

The results? Fascinating.

When you click on the link, there are two ways for you to enjoy the delights of the public opinion they’ve garnered. The first is a longer video (it’s only 1min 50 seconds), asking their interviewees what their strangest job they’ve ever done. We defy you not to fall just a little bit in love with one certain lady!

And then there’s a timeline where you can skip through the decades and watch under 20-second videos on all sorts of weird and wonderful job titles (from Key Punch Operator to Record Press Operator, Take That Counsellor and Digital Memorialist).

So please, make a coffee, grab a biscuit and find 15 minutes in your busy day. We’re sure you’ll thank us for it. And, if it’s inspired you, please share your strangest job in the comments. Even better, why not share your predictions for job titles of tomorrow. Enjoy!

Click here to find out about the evolution of job titles.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

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Mark Anscomb Date: Jul 20, 2018

The most off-piste job title I have had the pleasure of trying to help a client fill SENSORY APPRAISER