What do female job hunters want from employers?

What do female job hunters want from employers?


A new eBook from GradTouch provides data and insights into what female job hunters are looking for in a career, and also aims to equip employer brands to attract and retain a balanced workforce.

GradTouch conducted a survey of 185 job hunters who identify as female between 18-25 April 2019. There’s some interesting and thought provoking findings, including that 64% of respondents felt that their gender is an obstacle for their career and 45% would be put off from applying for a job if the company had no female employees in management positions.

The industry in which a company operates holds significantly less importance to female jobseekers than the culture and career progression the company has to offer. This is reflected in the fact that by far the greatest concern females have in terms of their career prospects is how a company will react if they want to start a family one day.

GradTouch’s report provides clarity for employers who are looking to bridge the gap between themselves and the female talent that their industry or sector is currently struggling to reach as effectively as their male peers.

The full eBook can be downloaded by clicking here.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

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