Vorsprung durch Technik, Just Do It, Probably the best lager in the World…

Vorsprung durch Technik, Just Do It, Probably the best lager in the World…

Branding lessons for recruitment advertising

Are we all agreed that I’ve just proved advertising works? Even if you haven’t been able to name Audi, Nike and Carlsberg you at least knew these were iconic advertising tag lines.

Of course, we could have gone for “Crazy prices at…” or “Always better value” for Irish businesses doing exactly the same. The point is that these are all great examples of organisations establishing a brand and promoting the values of that brand rather than the specific features or benefits of their products.

On Wednesday last week I was at a lunchtime presentation at the Talent Summit in Dublin. Monster, one of the partners in National Employment Week, was launching its new product range. The big idea for Monster is that it no longer sees its site in isolation, and instead sees it as a hub or portal that pulls together all suitable vacancies and all suitable candidates across the web. Vacancies posted to Monster will now form the basis of external advertising across social media, driving suitable candidates directly to jobs posted on Monster.

Only a few weeks ago CareerZoo, one of Ireland’s most high profile recruitment events, once again welcomed thousands of visitors to the Convention Centre in Dublin. Why did they turn up in such numbers? Because here was their opportunity to meet recruiters from a huge range of organisations currently hiring. Why CareerZoo? Because they knew and trusted the brand. How did they know about the jobs, recruiting organisations and CareerZoo? Branding and advertising.

Veteran broadcaster Vincent Browne is currently the voice of Jobbio on Newstalk radio. The 70-year-old with the instantly recognisable voice is an unlikely pairing with Ireland’s newest recruitment platform.

The Jobbio ads use the strength of the brands, not the jobs, currently advertising to drive traffic to the site. Once again we are seeing a brand-led approach to create awareness backed up by the functionality of the site to deliver the features and benefits of the individual roles.

Employer branding is no different. We seek to create an awareness in the minds of culturally appropriate and suitably qualified candidates for our client. The employer branding process and development of a value proposition ensure that our brand connects with the people who will succeed in the organisation. But at the root of it all are the same branding and advertising principles that drove the development of the iconic lines we started with.

The reality is that many people will now be looking at recruitment advertising for the first time in a number of years.

As economists predict a return to full employment in Ireland in the next five years and widely publicised skills shortages across key markets, it is clear that the recent growth in recruitment levels and roles posted to job sites will quickly convert to a growth in brand-led advertising across all of the major media formats.

Dave Griffin is Managing Director of Publicis Engage, Ireland’s leading recruitment communications and employer branding agency.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

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Sinead Bunting Date: Mar 13, 2015

Hello Tosh got a Toshiba? (showing my age) Spot on post and great to see you last week Dave. Hopefully bump into you again soon. Glad to see everything is going so well in the emerald isle.

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