Virtual reality and recruitment. Starring the RAF.

Virtual reality and recruitment. Starring the RAF.


Everyone knows that the best way of ensuring you attract, and retain, the right people is by giving them enough access to help them to make an informed decision about you (and you about them). For most organisations, a tour of the building, an Open Day, or an interview might be sufficient.

When you’re the RAF, it’s not so simple. So, how do you give them a realistic experience? VR of course.

Partnering with brand experience agency M-is, they’ve created a virtual reality recruitment experience that gives people the chance to be a part of RAF operations around the world.

Welcome to Op. VR.

To engage with an audience that’s already passionate about the RAF, they wisely launched it to the public at RAF Cosford air show on 10th June, alongside the RAF’s 100-year anniversary celebrations.

It hosts 12 people at a time and will take visitors on an interactive story from an F-35 Lightning base at RAF Marham to the edge of the earth and beyond – showcasing five RAF personnel on operation around the world. Sure, there’s a fun element to it, yet it’s a very relevant use of VR (when it couldn’t possibly give this kind of access in reality).

RAF, we salute you.