Virgin Atlantic air first ever recruitment video on their in-flight entertainment


Virgin’s people are often accepted as being a key differentiator in what is a highly competitive industry. They’ve always taken great pride in attracting people that emulate the Virgin values. Richard Branson himself says that ‘The people who make up Virgin Atlantic, make Virgin Atlantic.’

Off the back of winning a Nora Award for their careers website, Adele King gave a presentation at NORA RECex and it made for interesting listening. She talked about focussing on recruiting people that have customer focus as part of their DNA; identifying and trying out new routes to the candidate marketplace and about tackling the differences between their consumer and employer brand.

And that’s what interested us the most. King expressed a seemingly new acceptance that their over-arching consumer brand might not need to be so removed from the employer brand moving forward. The first step – and something that King linked to the success of their recruitment – was that they had developed a behavioural framework that was based on its customer experiences. Candidates are recruited against this and their ongoing assessment is evaluated alongside this as well.

And because of this closer customer/employee alignment, they’ve also decided to capitalise on the fact that people who enjoy flying with Virgin, might also actually – one day – enjoy working at Virgin. After all there are many more careers at Virgin Atlantic that one might first think. From sales, IT, HR, finance and marketing, to engineering, bartenders, waiting staff and beauty therapists in their new Clubhouse. And it’s this acknowledgement that has led Virgin – for the first time in their history – to airing a recruitment video on their in-flight entertainment channels.

Adele King said, “The reasoning we took for that was, first of all, we almost have a captive audience in the sky. They’re on board for several hours watching our in-flight entertainment but if they are enjoying flying with Virgin Atlantic, they may well enjoy working for Virgin Atlantic in time to come.

“If we can sew a seed in their minds that they may want to come and work for us in the future… that’s the premise for why we took that initiative. As a recruitment team, we work really hard to ensure our customers have a great customer experience. For us, our customers are candidates.”

You can view the film here:



Wednesday, 12 July 2017

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Anonymous Date: Jul 14, 2017

link to the video ?

Vicky @ Ri5 Date: Jul 14, 2017

There's a link to the video in the story now

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