Vacancies up by 24% year on year

Vacancies up by 24% year on year


According to the latest (April) UK job market report from classified search engine Adzuna, the outlook for the UK jobs market remains ‘positive’, with the number of advertised vacancies up by nearly a quarter year on year.  (March alone saw 841,011 vacancies advertised – a monthly rise of 5% – and Adzuna’s real-time data suggests that the continuing upward trend will soon see advertised roles passing the 850,000 mark.)

At the same time, competition for jobs has fallen by 29% year on year; in March there was an average of 1.42 job-seekers for every advertised vacancy.  However this figure naturally masks wide regional variations: Adzuna’s research also identifies the ten best and worst cities for finding employment in terms of competition.

The ten worst (with the number of job-seekers in parentheses) are: 1 – Salford (30.42), 2 – The Wirral (21.03), 3 – Rochdale (13.12), 4 – Sunderland (13.06), 5 – Hull (8.83), 6 – Bradford (7.06), 7 – Southend-on-Sea (6.20), 8 – Swansea (5.85), 9 – Wolverhampton (5.60), 10 – Middlesbrough (4.77).

The ten best are: 1 – Cambridge (0.18), Guildford (0.21), Reading (0.30), 4 – Aberdeen (0.32), 5 – Winchester (0.33), 6 – Oxford (0.34), 7 – Exeter (0.58), 8 – Bristol (0.78), 9 – Milton Keynes (0.79), 10 – Slough (0.86).  (As the figures suggest, these locations all have more vacancies than job-seekers.)

The research also looked at average salaries, identifying the sectors with the strongest improvements and sharpest declines over the past year.  The biggest improvers included manufacturing (+9.1%), consultancy (+7.0%), scientific/QA (+4.5%), travel (+2.7%) and catering [chefs] (+2.6%).  The steepest declines were found in retail (-14.4%), graduate jobs (-6.7%), customer service (-6.1%), sales (-4.4%) and IT (-3.6%).

Overall, advertised salaries fell by 5.3% in the year to March, stripping some £1,800 from the average annual pay packet (which now stands at £31,818).

“The labour market has been absorbing the loss of many public-sector jobs, which has made the salary snapshot look artificially gloomy,” says Adzuna co-founder Andrew Hunter.  “Real wages are likely to begin to increase as the recovery continues to take hold.  Output and demand are increasing and, as talent becomes harder to source, employers will need to start increasing wages in order to attract the best staff.”

●  Adzuna’s technology collects every job vacancy advertised online in the UK from more than 300 sources.  Data is then processed to provide an accurate, comprehensive, up-to-the-minute view of the UK job market.

Monday, 5 May 2014

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Anonymous Date: May 16, 2014

Actually this should be "Job adverts up by 24%". Sorry to be picky but there are huge numbers of duplicated job listings online and knowing how many are either given away free or as part of unlimited job postings packages, this probably only shows that recruiters are getting better deals than ever, so they're advertising everywhere. Still good news but not the good news it was billed as.

Anonymous Date: May 16, 2014

We're all doomed!