Unilever launches new AI-powered talent marketplace

Unilever launches new AI-powered talent marketplace


Unilever has announced the introduction of a new internal online talent marketplace, FLEX Experiences, which helps employees push the boundaries of their career by using an AI-powered platform to identify personalised open opportunities across the business, in real time.

Unilever encourages its teams to create capability through lifelong learning, encouraging people to never stop growing. By accessing the platform, Unilever employees can work on projects for a small or large proportion of time, increase the depth of their expertise of a current skill or build new skills and experiences. Through the power of AI, people have suggested opportunities that match their profile and aspirations, and at the same time, giving full visibility to all opportunities available globally across all areas of the business, ultimately democratising and giving transparency to the way the company develops talent.

The technology is powered by Israeli-based startup, InnerMobility by Gloat, which has worked closely with Unilever to create the bespoke platform. Over the past year, the platform has been trialled with more than 20,000 employees within Unilever, across 90+ countries, unlocking 60,000+ hours in the last two months alone, and driving increased employee engagement and satisfaction. Full roll-out is expected to be completed by 2020.

Jeroen Wels, Executive VP HR, Unilever, said: “With FLEX Experiences, Unilever is redefining the future of work, creating a flexible, networked, diverse and inclusive organisation which attracts the best talent and inspires the passion and commitment of its people. It is part of our vision to nurture a pioneering culture. We are driving new ways of working to gain rapid access to the best skills and business ideas available both internally and externally. FLEX Experiences helps people to identify opportunities across the business, in which they can develop new skills and gain experiences in a flexible way. We believe that our people are much more than their job title. If our people thrive, we thrive as a business.”

Thursday, 27 June 2019

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