UK’s job market remains staunchly London-centric

Job-seeking respondents to a new poll by Jobrapido, claim that London remains their preferred relocation destination.

The poll also reveals that just 13% of respondents say that they are in their ‘dream job’.

Jobrapido’s survey data shows that the UK’s job market remains London-centric, with 35% of those responding stating that London would be the city they would relocate to for their dream job.

Manchester and Edinburgh come in at distant second and third preferences respectively at 11% and 6%.

The poll looked at the attitudes of UK jobseekers towards relocation and discovered a considerable 16% of respondents would move cities just to find work.

Jobseekers across various sectors stated that they felt pressure to move home to find the job they want. One third claimed they were staying put to find their dream job while 15% responded that they couldn’t find the job they wanted where they were, but were also unprepared to relocate for any job.

The results reinforce the idea that the UK is centralised around the capital by highlighting the lack of worthwhile employment opportunities in the localities.

It’s also testament to the dire straits many face in today’s employment market, with many people willing to relocate to find a job.

In comparison, the German job market offers viable employment opportunities for its workforce, with there being several ‘centres’ of the country, all geographically apart from one another.

Rob Brouwer, CEO of Jobrapido, said “Much has been said of the difficult job market people face today. Indeed, these results show that in an increasingly fierce job market, jobseekers are ready to up sticks and set roots in a completely unknown place. This resilience is admirable, but more must be done to ensure jobs are available all over the UK.

“Until the UK moves toward a more decentralised structure, we’re going to see more and more jobseekers leave familiar environments for the sole purpose of finding employment – companies and the government must work together to ensure job opportunities are widespread and lead to meaningful and progressive careers.”




Wednesday, 21 June 2017

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Neil Harrison Date: Jun 23, 2017

I get the point about things being London centric - not sure a time in the last 30 years when they weren't - and places such as Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh are transforming themselves, however to call it 'the difficult job market people face today' seems someway from reality. Unemployment is at its lowest for 40 years and there are more recorded vacancies than people looking for jobs.

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UK’s job market remains staunchly London-centric