UK professionals say careers influenced positively by social media

UK professionals say careers influenced positively by social media


Research by CV-Library reveals that almost 80% of professionals in the UK believe that social media has had a positive effect on their career progress, with Facebook beating LinkedIn as the biggest career influencer.

In contrast to the often reported negative effects of social media, the vast majority of workers feel that social media platforms have had a positive effect on their work life, with a quarter saying that posts from people they follow influence their career decisions.

In terms of which platforms are most influential, 39% of people cited Facebook versus the 35.7% who stated dedicated platform for professionals, LinkedIn.

Setting out to explore the impact of social media on a person’s career, the survey of 1,200 working professionals revealed that just over 40% of 18-25 year olds say social media posts have informed their career decisions. Also, younger people are increasingly exploring the career-enhancing potential of platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. 

The study also asked individuals about the areas in which social media has helped them in their career, with almost 35% saying that they have been inspired by others, nearly 20% using social media for job searches and just over 15% using it to research companies they’d like to work for. 14% valued the career advice available with just slightly fewer taking inspiration from those pursuing their dreams.

The research reveals that, conversely, 40% of those asked are demotivated by posts from people who appear to be paid to do nothing. A further 32% are demoralised by those who appear to have great careers because they don’t like their jobs.  

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, advises employers “It’s clear that online platforms are a valuable tool for individuals to find career inspiration and advice. It’s important that companies keep up with these trends. Make sure that you are regularly posting relevant updates on your company social media accounts. Think about where you can branch out with your knowledge and provide helpful industry career tips and advice. This will not only help those looking to take their first steps on the career ladder, but also increase awareness of your company brand.

“It’s interesting to see that Facebook is a clear source of influence for workers, especially over platforms aimed at professionals such as LinkedIn. This can suggest that people are relying on their friends for career advice and inspiration more than connections within their industry."

Thursday, 24 May 2018

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