UCAS: Applications for higher education down


With the 30th June deadline for all applications to UK higher education now past, UCAS have announced that the total number of UK applicants is down by 4% and the number of EU applicants is down 5%.

UCAS’ analysis, a full picture of demand from applicants in 2017, reveals that the number of people who have applied to UK higher education courses is 649,700.

This is around 25,000 fewer than at the same time last year.

The total figure includes 529,620 UK applicants, 49,250 EU applicants and 70,830 overseas applicants, with the latter showing an increase of 2%.

The reduced UK figure is reflected across all UK countries, with English and Welsh applications showing the most reductions: 437,860 from England (down 5%); 22,530 from Wales (down 5%), 20,290 from Northern Ireland (down 4%) and 48,940 from Scotland (down 1%).

The analysis also shows changes by age range.

The number of 18 year old applicants has increased by 1,510 to 321,950. Of 18 year olds in England, the application rate increased from 37.2% to 37.9% – the highest level on record.

Conversely, the application rate in Wales fell from 32.9% to 32.5%.

At the deadline, there were 315,200 applicants aged 19 or older, down by 27,180 on last year.

Applications to nursing courses are also notably down significantly, with this total year’s 53,010 figure a reduction of 19% at the same point last year.  Notably, figures for English applicants experienced the biggest reduction, down from 51,840 in 2016 to 40,060.

Dr Mark Corver, UCAS Director of Analysis and Research, commented: “With the main application period at an end, the total numbers of people applying are down 25,000 on last year, around 4%. Within the figures, there are contrasting trends. The decrease in applicants is driven by falls from England, Wales and the EU, but applicants from other overseas countries are up 2%. Within the UK, older applicants are down, but applicants from the key 18-year-old age group have increased again to 321,950, supported by a record application rate from young people in England of 37.9%.

“How these trends translate into students at university and colleges will become clear over the next six weeks as applicants get their results and secure their places, and new applicants apply direct to UCAS’ Clearing process.”

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

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