Two judges judging: the Ri Fiver November result

Mark Horley, creative director at Work, and Chris Bann, copywriter at Penna TCS, had a bumper crop of entries for the penultimate Ri Fiver of the year.  Here is their verdict:                                                                                                  

"‘Tis the season to be busy having pub lunches and work parties. At least, that's our pathetic excuse for judging November's entries so late in the month. Let it not be said that we didn't give each and every entry, though, the full staring, pursing of lips and ‘hmmm' treatment. And so, on to our musings in the style of a carol you all know and love.

In the fourth place this Christmas, Thames Valley Police sent to us, a poor car that has been sawed. (Yes, the rhyme's barely there. Just go with it.)

We're not sure such an obviously literal pun is the most eloquent of techniques, but it's certainly an interesting image to put on a billboard. Also, we can't help but feel that it would probably attract the attention of people who want to be Police Officers, rather than the support staff the ad's really aimed at. Either way, we feel it's worthy of a fictional hairclip cracker prize for impact.

In the third place this Christmas, Kent County Council sent to us, two singed friends.

Nice, fun visual treatment. Nice, short copy. But the whole thing does look a little scary and weird. That said, it's so eye-catching it should get a decent reaction. Which is why it's well worth an imaginary plastic whistle for a sterling delivery.

In the second place this Christmas, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS sent to us, an ad we can't help but love.  

Ah, the old twistarooney concept. We both picked this out as a potential winner. It's nothing new, but communicates the message in a wonderful way and is beautifully art directed. Minor points - the headline could be more visible, and ‘groundbreaking' is one word, not two. But hey, it's the image that's got us drooling. If we could, we'd award one of those little red fortune-telling fishes to each of the creative minds behind this one.

And in the first place this Christmas, GCHQ gave to us, something that made us go ‘wheeeee!'

While the video's hugely impressive, we're not entirely sure the lines at the end (It's an interesting world. Get under the skin of it) really go with all the jiggery-CGI-pokery. However, it's the medium that's more important than the message here. Xbox live is a great way to say ‘hello' to their targeted internet-savvy audience. And so, this great piece of placement wins our whimsical star prize of one of those ball-bearing puzzles no one can ever, no matter how drunk, manage to do.

And to all a good night."


Our thanks to Chris and Mark, and congratulations to TMP Worldwide and GCHQ, who win the November Ri Fiver.  Thanks and commiserations to those who came close, and to everyone who entered.  There is one more chance to win an Ri Fiver in 2009, and thus to qualify for our end-of-year celebration, when all the judges will get together and award the Ri High Fiver, to the best of the best.  The deadline is 31st December, 2009 at midnight - entries please to - it's free and simple to enter - click here for details.

And finally, a message from our sponsors:
The Institution of Engineering & Technology, Europe's largest engineering body, is proud to be the sponsor of the Ri Fivers and the IET Prize 2009 - recognising true excellence in recruitment communication.

IET Recruitment Media provides online, print and sponsorship talent solutions for recruiters in engineering and technology.

The IET publishes three key offline recruitment titles - Engineering & Technology, IET Student and Young Professional Magazine and IET Engineering & Technology Career Guide along with the IET hosted job board Engineering & Technology Jobs ( IET Recruitment Media also offer recruiters sponsorship opportunities for The Young Women Engineer of the Year Award as well as the IET Ambition and Achievement Awards. Contact: +44 (0)1438 767228;

Monday, 30 November 2009

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Mark Fones Date: Dec 22, 2009

See the winning GCHQ Xbox movie and more at: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Mark.

Dave Southall Date: Dec 23, 2009

Yeah yeah don't push it Fonesey. :-) Have a good 'un yourself. Oh, and this one's much more fun...

Mark Horley Date: Dec 23, 2009

It's brilliant. Go see it. Have a great Christmas. Mark

Mike Tamlyn Date: Dec 24, 2009

I am loving the Thames Valley Police ad and well let's face it, GCHQ is in a class of its own. Just brilliant. Well done and Merry Christmas to all.

I. P. Freely Date: Dec 28, 2009

As of 28th December - the 'winning' entry has a grand total of 1,065 hits. Pah! Still, I suppose all of those involved feel they're doing something 'cutting edge'. It's a shame it's not recruiting the necessary people, that's all. And why do more and more people insist on saying 'I am loving' ??? The phrase is 'I love'. Just thought I'd give you the 'heads up' on that one. Happy New Year!

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