Turning employer branding on its head?

Turning employer branding on its head?


As an industry, we place an ever-increasing onus on defining an authentic employer brand. After all, it’s what sets businesses apart and allows them to attract, and retain, the right kind of people. In a bold move, Jupiter is launching a new ‘Brand in a Box’ product – which is positioned as the world’s first off-the-shelf, single price-point, employer branding solution. And it promises to deliver well-researched, beautifully-created employer brands.

It’s a move that’s certainly looking to shake up the market.

Having recently won employer Brand of the Year for wagamama at the RADs, Jupiter is behind the product, in collaboration with Charlie McIntosh Ltd., the employer research business they recently took a stake in.

Brand in a Box’s intention is to radically overhaul what they call the high cost, long rollout strategy that employer branding has become. Its aim is to strip the process back and prides itself on its accessibility – in terms of affordability and simplicity – so that companies can achieve a focused employer brand within four weeks.

Here’s what Fiona Horton, Agency Director at Jupiter, has to say: “Brand in a Box will deliver for the Recruitment Communications business, exactly what Purple Bricks is achieving for the property market. Clients know exactly how much the process will cost, how long it will take - and at £15,000 for everything, and we mean everything (research, research doc, EVP, pillars, one day photoshoot, brand book/toolkit and careers site), it’s within reach of every employer! Especially that sector of the market that has thought an employer brand is an expensive and laborious process.

“It’s so cost effective and polished - you can afford to review your employer proposition every year! We’ve increasingly found that new clients have been paying astonishing amounts for the process. It’s almost as if agencies are charging what they feel a client can pay! Why? The background process is the same for almost every business - so the cost should be the same.”

And seemingly clients are buying into it too, with two new converts signing up just hours within its launch.

It’s brave. And we’re sure it’s going to ruffle more than a few feathers. But will it produce the same results? We’ll just have to wait and see. 


Thursday, 17 May 2018

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