Three men. Two entries. One white knuckle ride of creativity.

This is the judges' description of December's Ri Fiver deliberations.  Jim Shannon of NGI Creative, and Stephen "Dixy" Dix and Russell Lynch of Bernard Hodes Group  deliver their verdict, and mark a changing point in the annals of the competition. 

With just two bits of work in the running, the three of us didn't have to spend hours debating the final result. So, after deciding on a winner and slipping our notes under the crack in the door, we've used the remainder of our fortnight together giving each other piggy-back rides round and round the padded debating cell that Bob ‘n' Kevin make all Ri Fiver judges judge in.


Jim: I was impressed with this at first glance - I liked the ‘miniature world' concept and animation, not what I'd expect from the YHA. However, this inventiveness doesn't continue once you accessed the various pieces of content. I'm not sure if this was a budgetary issue, but this was slightly disappointing after such a strong start. Technically, I'd be concerned about such heavy use of Flash - nice for visuals, but pretty hopeless if you want any of the jobs picked up by the search engines. The profile videos of team members are a nice touch though. YHA Social World confused me a little - the main YHA site already has a forum. If YHASW is for recruitment, I'm a bit confused about what needs it's fulfilling strategically. Visually it doesn't seem to belong to either YHA World or the YHA's main website...

So overall, a very promising start. Just a shame this doesn't continue creatively or strategically.

Dixy: This funky little pix-isle suspended in cyber space reminded me of when I was a boy on the cusp of puberty, fast entering into "the hair stage", and how I constructed a Tracy Island like Anthea Turner did on Blue Peter. YHA World is the modern day counterpart in the recruitment industry - to begin with it looks pretty stunning, but ferret around some and you'll discover that behind the shiny paint and tiny lichen bushes lurks...well, the digital equivalent of bog rolls and old yoghurt pots. And that's not so F.A.B. m'lady.

Russell:  I liked this a lot, particularly the small people that populate the island.


Jim: This seems more like a B2B direct marketing piece to me - do the Ri Fiver rules stretch far enough to include this as a piece of recruitment communications?  (Yes - ed)
If so, an amusing video execution underpinned by some fairly sound strategic work - if a little over long. I got the idea after the first catastrophe in the IT room and didn't need to see numerous variations on the same theme. Overall, I think strong scripting and characters make comedy not slapstick alone, whatever the budget.

Dixy:  This funky little video reminded me of when I was a boy on the cusp of puberty, fast approaching "the plum-dropping stage", and how I used to watch a telly programme called "Chucklevision". Each episode revolved around a bumbling pair of brothers who, no matter how hard they tried, always made a ham-fisted mess of any endeavour they undertook. Connect's video is the modern day counterpart in the recruitment industry, albeit if one of the brothers went solo or (heaven forbid) chuckled off this mortal coil - there are plenty of laughs to be had as the accident-prone handyman goes about his business, but would it make me want to join the company? Umm, nope. There's not even a call to action that I can see. A case of too much slap, but not enough stick (and carrot). Or something.

Russell: I liked this a lot, particularly the way the pound coin got lodged in the plug socket and caused a series of small explosions. 

And our winner is:

YHA - the social world hub part was genuinely kind of neat, and gave it the edge. Oh, and if you zoom in on the landing page, you can see the small denizens of YHA World have little tiny faces and funny legs that are like the long straight bits out of Tetris going absolutely mad - something that made Russell cry salty tears of joy. Right, please can we come out now Bob and be reunited with our families? (Sorry - forgot you were in there - ed)

Change of a Fiver

Congratulations to Wave and YHA, who win the December Ri Fiver.  Commiserations to Other Creative and Connect.   The Ri Fivers are now taking a short break while the judging system and rules are reviewed and revised.  So, not only do Jim Shannon (NGI Creative) and Stephen "Dixy" Dix and Russell Lynch (Bernard Hodes Group) receive our thanks, but a footnote in Ri5 history.  The next Ri Fiver competition will be in March.  Further details shortly.

Friday, 31 December 2010

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Mike Tamlyn Date: Jan 25, 2011

Hey Jim, we were also concerned about the technical nightmare of a heavy Flash storm dragging the entire YHA World into a SEO black hole, so we had Scotty fit an integrated XML site map into the warp core generator. It uses dilithium crystals to filter anti-deuterium and deuterium to create a maximised SEO reaction. Which was a relief for all. Hope to see you on Monday.

Tsz Wu Date: Jan 26, 2011

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. - Copyrighted 2010!

Russell Lynch Date: Jan 27, 2011

We know your pain Tsz Wu. I only hope that the light fitter from the Connect film doesn't come to ours or the Pink Squid offices. He has made me realise how easy it is to lose years of vital RecAd data in an instant. I, for one, back up every night now thanks to his clumsy shenanigans and I hope you guys do too.

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