Three hearty blasts on the vuvuzelas: we have the Ri Fiver May winner

Some competitions seem to go on forever, don’t they? Not the Ri Fivers however. No sooner had the whistle blown for the end of May, than the officials (or judges as we call them) were concentrating on a fine array of creative work, to find the best recruitment communications of the month. So what caught the attention of Steve Paton (art director, Stafford Long) and Neil Harding (writer, freelance)? Here’s their verdict:

“And so, as the world’s thoughts turn to football, ours turned to that other beautiful game. Yes, recruitment advertising. Truly, a game of two halves, with the copy and art direction seamlessly blending to bring out a great idea. Or so we hoped. Well, the early stages saw the elimination of two outsiders, in the shape of cockroaches and a fish.


Nice though they are, the cockroaches failed to even qualify as a recruitment ad. As for the fish, beautifully crafted though it is, we’ve indeed mulled it over and decided someone is taking the pisces. (That’ll be Dave S. You know who you are.) We’ve given both a red card.

Now then, in no particular order, we have a house-style Sky ad which looks like, well, a house-style ad for Sky. A big name maybe, but not a real player in this particular tournament.

The same can be said of the Kier and Selfridges websites, both of which look nice, read well, and have some neat features but, considering their heavyweight potential, sadly failed to punch their weight.


In the play-off places we have DePuy and Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals. In both cases (and the same applies elsewhere), there were missed chances.

The DePuy ad interested briefly - but we’ve seen this idea before, and felt the team didn’t quite drill down into the story. The business itself makes medical equipment and prosthetics and the question has to be asked: does the ad really play to these strengths? Nice try, though.

As for the Peterborough and Stamford Hospital ad – it would certainly get page stand-out in the media, but the copy and headlines didn’t work together as well as they might. A definite case of two halves not quite making the whole. (Incidentally, just a little digging showed us that the hospital has won awards for breast-feeding - a story that might have demonstrated quality and passion more than the “carry on matron” approach used here.)

And so to the final: KMPG or Gift?


KPMG’s idea was nice, simple and interactive, even if we felt the invitation to “get the attention you deserve” wasn’t quite carried through to the end. And while Gift looked quite striking – (the website profiles particularly appealed) it just didn’t quite gel as a team. But there has to be a winner, and so KMPG gets the nod. On penalties.”

At the end of the day, the Ri Fiver trophy (and our congratulations) go to Bernard Hodes Group and KPMG. Doubtless, they are over the moon. Our thanks go to judges Steve Paton and Neil Harding for a fine job. And thanks too (and commiserations) to everyone who entered. Closing date for the June competition is Wednesday 30th June at midnight. Our judges will be Mike Tamlyn, creative director at Wave, and the freelance writer, Richard Marsden.  Entries please to here for rules and conditions.

Monday, 31 May 2010

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Matthew Walker Date: Jun 25, 2010

Chuggers vs consultants. That's like Argentina vs Germany.

Phil Woodford Date: Jun 25, 2010

I think it was still 0-0 after extra time.

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