The Ri5 Interview: Dan Martin, Broadbean

The Ri5 Interview: Dan Martin, Broadbean


Dan Martin is the Managing Director of Broadbean – a company that prides itself on using technology to help organisations make their recruitment as simple and streamlined as possible, whilst using data to improve their decision-making and optimising ROI. Here Dan talks about how they’re doing it.

You’ve been at Broadbean for nearly seven years. What attracted you there in the first place?

I came into the business from an interesting route. My original background was more in the finance and strategy world, so I worked in investment banks and corporate finance firms, until I ended up working for Associated Northcliffe Digital, part of the Daily Mail. At that time, the Daily Mail undertook a series of acquisitions in the online recruitment space, and I led the team that bought a large number of job boards. But we also wanted to diversify away from just pure, classified advertising into related software services. Broadbean was one of the companies that we bought.

In doing that deal, I got to know the management team of the business really well. It was a business that fascinated me. At the time that their MD was looking to leave, I was actually looking to move into an operational role. It was the right opportunity at the right time.

What does Broadbean do?

Broadbean is the global leader in providing online recruitment tools to both staffing companies and direct employers to facilitate access to, and the sourcing of candidates, from across the web. Whether that's in terms of posting job adverts to a global network of job boards, searching for candidate profiles on CV Databases or social media channels, or leveraging your own employee base to access their social networks to find candidates via our employee referral system. We provide enabling technology to allow companies to match candidates with jobs.

How does Broadbean work?

We talk about trying to make recruitment simple. Our tools are designed to be incredibly easy to use. You can use our system standalone, but it can also be integrated with other third party systems. Our software basically integrates into all the leading applicant tracking systems and recruitment CRMs around the world. The integration provides a seamless hand shake between the two systems, allowing our clients to quickly distribute job roles across their selected channels – whether that's job boards, social media channels or their own career site.

It’s also about providing our clients with data intelligence to make sure they’re making good choices and getting return on their investment. We track the responses back from whichever channel the candidate found the job on, back into your ATS, so that we can see the channels that are most effective for filling those roles, enabling better informed decision making for future advertising investment.

What sets Broadbean apart?

I think the breadth of our product is unparalleled. Sure, there are other people that offer some of the services, but they don’t have the breadth of functionality in the product. They don't have the breadth of integrations with the Applicant Tracking Systems. They don't have the breadth of coverage of the channels that candidates can be found on.

The range of channels that we cover is unprecedented. We have clients that post jobs in over 190 countries around the world. We don't play at being global. When we talk about being global, we physically locate in offices around the world. We have 130 people in the UK, over 90 people in California and over 20 people now in Sydney.

We're able to talk to people in the right languages, service them in the right time zones and we’ve built product, and technology, and integrations in all those countries locally. We've really invested in our mission to be a global market leader by putting people in those markets. Combine that with the product itself and it’s this combination that makes us unique.

What does your client base look like?

Our customers fall into two camps.  On one side we service the direct employer market and on the other, recruitment agencies.  Our direct employer customers are typically in excess of 1000 employees right through to the biggest companies in the world, and totally sector agnostic.  On the agency side we work across the piste, from one man bands right up to the majority of the top 250 recruitment agencies globally.  In total we service well over 3000 agency clients globally, and for many of the smaller companies, Broadbean is the sole recruitment technology that supports them.

What are the conversations that you're currently having with your clients?

The big areas that we're really focused on, at the moment, is trying to better inform our customers in terms of the decisions that they make. We post millions of job adverts every single month. In response to those millions of adverts that are sent out, we track well over 10m responses each month. Clients are crying out for better access to that information. What we're really focused on is trying to make that data educational and actionable.

With all that data at your fingertips, what’s your view on the upcoming changes to General Data Protection Regulation?

We work with clients on a global basis. I think we're really well placed to make changes to our processes, and systems to make sure that our customers can be confident that by using Broadbean, they are staying ahead of the changes in data protection legislation. We started a project a while ago to review our processes, operational measures, and also the technology that we have to make sure that clients can be confident that when they're using Broadbean, they will be fully compliant with all of the GDPR changes that are coming in May 2018. 

And what does the future hold for you?

Driving the value of the data is a big area for us. The product is already designed to be easy to use. But we need to continue to drive that efficiency – through more automation, more mapping – so that when you come into our system, more of the decisions that you have to make when filling out the job posting form is done for you. We're also looking at areas like employee referral. We have a product called Social Referral. We think it's a very valuable tool for direct employers, allowing companies to leverage their employees as ambassadors for their business. It's probably one of the fastest growing parts of our business right now.

We’re also aware of opportunities in places like Japan, where we do quite a lot at the moment, and in Southeast Asian markets as well. But, we know this isn’t straightforward and we need to take the DNA – the essence of Broadbean – and then adapt it to the local market. Exciting times. 

To find out more about how Broadbean helps Make Recruitment Simple click here

Thursday, 22 June 2017

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