The Ri Fiver's little helpers

The Ri Fiver's little helpers

Here is the verdict of judges Andy Holden (TMP Worldwide ) and Dan Gregory (Euro RSCG Riley) on the November entries:
"Well folks, Santa's big day has been and gone.  But, as part of the pre-Christmas build up, we judges met to consider the good old November Fiver. A diverse range of goodies this month that reflect our ever-changing market place; the days of the Fiver being packed with 'ads' seem long gone as the channels diversify and the competition intensifies. We like.

4th - Balfour Beatty web site

Nice clean and clear site with fresh photography - not what you would normally expect from a construction company. The nifty use of flip cams by the actual graduates, giving an insight to the projects they are working on, also added some character and personality to a brand that could have been seen as a bit dry. In fact, this was the best thing about the site and it would have been nice to see the videos brought out in the top level of the site more.

3rd - Adidas Graduate app

Our expectations were very high for this entry. The visuals looked intriguing, and it was said to be a first in recruitment... And, fair enough, we can't think of many recruitment apps that are currently live. It's also for a very cool and edgy brand, so where could you go wrong? Well unfortunately, on closer inspection, the content lacks interactivity, the job search function sends you here, there and everywhere, the video feels off brand and inconsistent with the other parts, and the slide show seems a little superfluous. Sorry to sound a little harsh, it's just that in app land, people expect to be engaged and this medium needs to be used to better effect.

2nd - Barclays Capital Graduate Events

'Expect to be challenged' - we quite liked this: it's a good way of engaging the students by getting them to interact in a "challenging" quiz. Who doesn't like a quiz? The event clearly gave the graduates a good insight into investment banking and the skills needed. The only thing we questioned was the questions. Were they really challenging? We found it very functional and perhaps it could have had more of an original idea to it; but that said, what could have been a dull and dry presentation was treated in a way that engaged with the target audience. The walk-through video works well if a little contrived and 'cheddar' at certain points.

1st - McDonald's

This campaign takes on the misconceptions and reality of working for McDonald's. It gives McD's a fresh, stylistic make over, with a more fashionable contemporary look and feel. The website is rich in content, friendly and had some good, high production value videos. There seemed to be two routes to this campaign. There's the 'highlight the negatives but turn them into positives' route which we aren't so keen on as it unnecessarily highlights the negative opinions about working for McDonalds with the Elisha video, and bold prominent statements within headlines such as 'NO PROSPECTS'. These reinforce the fact that this is how people may view you if you work for McDonald's. The other angle, which is much more convincing, has an aspirational, confident outlook: see the polished 'Where could McD's take you' video as an example of this. Overall, the campaign showed they are going great guns at tackling the stereotypical image. It's not about flipping burgers. It's a credible job that does have real career prospects. The career path tool was a nice touch too, although it would have been nice to see a bit more detail in this rather than just photos and job titles (although this is on the pdf).

So for content, variety and the lovely Selin, McDonalds is our winner for November. Happy new year to you all."

Congratulations go to VCCP who win the November Ri Fiver for excellent work for McDonald's.  Thanks and commiserations to everyone else who entered, and thanks to Andy and Dan for judging.  The result of the December Ri Fiver, to be judged by Stephen Dix and Russell Lynch of Bernard Hodes Group, and Jim Shannon of NGI Creative, will be announced shortly.  Changes are planned for the Ri Fivers in 2011 - watch this space!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

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