The Ri Fiver: the summer's must-have accessory

This winner of this summer’s Ri Fiver is the careers website produced by ThirtyThree for the distinctive retailer, Claire’s. Once again, however, our jury was divided. Faced with a diverse range of work, from websites, to internal comms, to a Facebook game, to a film of a “flash mob” at the Paris Air Show, the result was a close run thing. Here’s some of what they had to say:

There were voices for and against the Airbus “flash mob dance” at the Paris Air Show, but sadly no votes.

Aia’s internal communications for the Met Police, tackling the difficult subject of suicide, did attract support, including a vote from Mike Tamlyn, creative director at Wave. “Honest, punchy, without the bulls**t, and it works,” said Mike.

Just under 40% of the vote went to Marriott International and its Facebook game, aimed at giving an impression of working in various roles within an hotel. “Right for the audience, right for the client and a genuinely creative solution,” said Phil Welch, creative director at Euro RSCG Riley. And from Matthew Sinclair of SMRS: “This is a fun way to get these challenges across to a youth audience.” And Russell Lynch, head of digital design at Bernard Hodes Group, was won over too: “Utilising Facebook in this way, producing a game and developing an online community, isn’t new but it’s all been executed beautifully. With a fan page generating over 12,000 likes already, this game should attract a lot more attention over the coming months. It also drives traffic through to the careers site with a neat ‘do it for real’ link at the top. I only wish Diego had cooked my breakfast this quickly when I was in a Marriott recently.”

In the end, however, a clear majority voted for Claire’s website. “There was some impressive competition in this particular batch of entries, but I like the bravery of the Claire’s campaign in that it hands creative control over to the employees,” said freelance writer Phil Woodford. Mark Braun of 360º was impressed too: “Great engagement and it portrays a real sense of diversity as well as individuality.” And Mark Horley, soon to join TMP Worldwide as head of creative, loved it: “I think this a fantastic example of the employer brand being embedded deep into the organisation. Seeing how the spirit of the brand lives from the UK, to Spain, to Germany, to the Chinnigans (watch the movies) is fantastic. It’s a wonderful example of employee engagement and a real draw for prospective joiners.” And finally, freelance art director Ed Collingwood had this to say: “A nice, welcoming, interactive site that's really on-brand. I particularly like the fact that the video interviews provide a transcript of the dialogue. This attention to accessibility is something which I think is often overlooked when including this kind of content on websites.”

So, it’s congratulations to ThirtyThree and Claire’s who win the Ri Fiver for June/July. Commiserations to Evviva Brands and Marriott International, who ran them so close. And thanks to our jury, and to everyone else who entered. The next Ri Fiver competition will be for work from August and September. Closing date will be Friday, 30th September at midnight.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

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