The Ri Fiver result: what were the odds on that?

The latest Ri Fiver competition brought a splendid variety of creative excellence to the jury’s table.  Digital wizardry.  Video magic.  Web wonders.  And fine print.  Unsurprisingly, the result was a close run thing.  No fewer than eight different entries attracted votes from our distinguished band of creative directors and, in a photo-finish, the Betfair website from ThirtyThree won by the narrowest of margins.

Freelance writer Ed Collingwood, and Jon Dobinson, founder of Other Creative, both voted for BBC Future Media (ThirtyThree). 


“This gets my vote for the clever targeting method of getting exactly the right audience to filter themselves into those who have and don't have the required skills,” says Ed.  For Jon it was a difficult choice: “It was close between the Lion video (from Blaze Advertising in Sydney), which is a more innovative way of presenting the commonplace talking head video often found in recruitment, and the BBC’s interactive banner campaign. The Future Media campaign won on the precision of its targeting and the insight into the audience, producing a simple yet effective way of linking to this highly specialised set of people.”

Noel Thomas, co-founder and creative director at CA3, went for the new LV= website from ThirtyThree. 

“It’s a big site, but the information is easily navigated and conveyed in interesting ways,” says Noel. “There are some lovely touches throughout, and I felt compelled to explore the site rather than click on a few pages then leave. Engaging, interesting, people focused and very LV=.  Great site.”

Mike Tamlyn, creative director at Wave, voted for the integrated campaign for Skype, created by Chatter Communications. 

“… simple and very effective, and I saw it everywhere,” says Mike.  “Great stuff.  Lion Careers was a close second for me and held my attention.”

Freelance writer Andy Rigden voted for Surrey County Council, from TMP Worldwide:

“Nicely conceived, very well executed and extremely well-branded,” says Andy.  “My only quibble is that the voiceover occasionally lapses into ‘corporatese’ – too many “making a differences””.

There were votes too for EDF Energy (ThirtyThree):

For the Heinz website (ThirtyThree), where writer Danny Battarazzi enjoyed throwing tomatoes:

And for the RBS Facebook app (ThirtyThree), which won the vote of Jim Shannon at NGI Creative:

In the end, however, the Betfair website won by a small but clear majority. 

Supporters included writer Phil Welch, Hugh McQueen of the eponymous creative consultancy, who had this to say: "Strong selection and difficult to choose, especially from ThirtyThree’s canon of work, but one campaign stood out: Betfair came across through their films as more human and therefore as a more attractive employer.  Strong typographically, the site is simple, the films exude personality, and it’s the people who ultimately sell an organisation.  Maybe Betfair just had better people in front of the camera."  And we'll leave the final word to Chris Bennett of DNA in Bristol: “I thought there was some good work in the entries, but the one that held my attention for the longest was the Betfair site. I think it captured the personality of the organisation and there were some lovely elements. Simple, but good.”

Congratulations to Betfair and agency ThirtyThree LLP, who win the Ri Fiver for Summer 2012.  Commiserations to all those who came close, and thanks to all who entered for making a first-class competition.  Thanks too to our jury.  (We are actively seeking new jurors, who must be senior creatives of high standing in recruitment communications.  Nominations to )  The next Ri Fiver will cover the months of September and October.  Entries please by Monday 5th November at midnight (click here for rules etc.).

Friday, 31 August 2012

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Anonymous Date: Oct 24, 2012

Some great work here, including good films on a number of sites. My technical experience of accessing and watching film online varies from fast-loading, slick and good-looking, to slow, clunky, jerky, and dim. Do the faults lie with me, my system, my broadband provider, or the producers?

Anonymous Date: Oct 25, 2012

@anonymous: I'm not sure, although I don't believe it's anything to do with Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom

Jon Brain Date: Oct 26, 2012

Liking the Surrey video.

Andrew Stephen Date: Oct 29, 2012

Well done to the team at thirty three for the Betfair site. I personally think it lacks throwable tomatoes... @Anonymous: video looking bad is the fault of the producers. Video loading bad sounds like a call to Virgin Media is in order. As a producer you can help matters along by selecting an appropriate compression for the end use...

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