The Ri Fiver result: a battle of two websites

The results are in for this summer’s Ri Fiver competition, covering the months of August and September.  Five entries attracted votes from our jury, with two websites rising to the top of the pile and the winner decided by the narrowest of margins.

Tied in third place were three entries, each of which attracted 10% of the vote:

The Nissan website by SMRS, for engineers to work on state-of-the-art car development projects in Sunderland.

Nissan was the winner for freelance art director Ed Collingwood, despite his concern at the lack of subtitles or transcripts for the videos: “The uncluttered and effective design suits both the brand and the roles, as well as getting a lot of information across,” says Ed.  “The key for me, however, is the lovely laser beam animations on each page. They make you want to keep clicking through the site to see what the 'laser-writing car' will design next, and I found I wanted to watch each one a couple of times.”

Also on 10% were the Aer Lingus cadet pilot scheme press advertisement, by VCCP Blue:


And emotionally-charged ads and video from the HRX agency in Australia, for child social workers in the state of Victoria:

The final battle was played out between two ambitious and impressive websites, for the insurance company, NFU Mutual, and the engineering and technology giant, Thales.

Chris Bennett of DNA in Bristol voted for NFU: “It's a fresh looking site which is well laid out and encourages you to navigate around it - there are some really sweet little touches,” says Chris.  Freelance writer Phil Woodford also went for NFU, and was impressed that agency ThirtyThree had taken the trouble to shoot video and conduct interviews in rural settings, rather than easier studio options: “I like the fresh feel to the design and navigation of this website, although the video content seems to work better in Chrome than Internet Explorer. What’s nice about the work is that the agency has taken some pretty everyday jobs in the insurance market and given them a real lift,” says Phil.

The winner of the Ri Fiver, however, – by one vote – is Thales website, by aia worldwide.

Among its supporters is Jon Dobinson, executive creative director at Other: “The love that has gone into building this site is evident,” says Jon. “More importantly, though, the cerebral tone of voice with the engineering-inspired art direction really give Thales a distinctive personality. The art of creating a brand is to construct a unique identity that won’t attract everyone, but that works for the people you really want to draw to you. It’s rarely done from scratch in recruitment, but this work stands out because it does this beautifully.  I had no view of Thales before I saw this and now they have a clearly defined personality. Even better, it’s a personality that I like.”  Another supporter is Phil Welch, creative director at Euro RSCG Riley, who commented: “Some intriguing features, a well designed site, and a look and feel that are right for the target audience made this one a winner for me.”

So, it’s congratulations to aia worldwide and Thales, who win the Ri Fiver for August/September. Commiserations to ThirtyThree and NFU Mutual, who ran them so close. And thanks to our jury, and to everyone else who entered. 

The next Ri Fiver competition will be for October.  Closing date is Monday 31st October at midnight.

Friday, 30 September 2011

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