The Ri Fiver, October 2010 
Ooooh! Ahhhh! Um…

The Ri Fiver, October 2010
Ooooh! Ahhhh! Um…

"So, the verdict's in. But what of the theme?" And there in the distance it sounded. A lone firework launched for someone else's delight. Exhausted from our judging frenzy, it was enough to inspire us. But did this month's entries?

6th: The ExtraCare Charitable Trust

We can see what they were trying to do. Just about... as it's not immediately obvious that this is an elderly man's face. It's a technically tricky execution but visually clunky. It needs some space to open it up. The images themselves are repeated and don't really explore the emotional depths of the man's life. And although we love a bit of minimal copy, we feel it needs a sentence to clarify why you'd want to be a Locksmith. Verdict: Never quite ignited.

5th: Costa

Stylistically strong and bang on brand. But we felt the proposition would be more obvious and appealing if the headline was only stretched a bit further. At the moment it has negative connotations, implying you'll only be dealing with complaints. If the pay-off line was more prominent, it would give it the positive twist it needs. Verdict: Flared up well but fizzled out.

4th: National Trust

"I like a minimalist ad as much as the next Mac monkey. But this feels like something's missing." Tough but fair, Ed. The colours are a bit more Playboy than National Trust. And the layout could work a touch harder. However, we thought it was brave and liked that they didn't just plonk an image of a stately home in there. The headline makes a statement but it needs a couple of words to segue into the call to action. On the whole, it feels as if they got halfway there. Verdict: Looked good in the box but expected a bigger bang.

3rd: Hertfordshire Police


With three separate entries, Herts gets a podium all of its own. While each piece cleverly uses the environment and targets its audience well, the crime reconstructions steal gold for their interaction, adwalkers and overall impact. The horse-cum-hoarding gets silver and the bike theft installation picks up bronze, as there seems to be an inconsistency in the design we just couldn't fathom. Taking all three elements as a whole, are we inspired to run out and become a Special Constable? Perhaps not. So we award this worthy combined effort third place. Verdict: A spectacular display but is it a crowd pleaser?

2nd: Sky

Our runner-up impressed us. It's packed with features and interactive content. It's technically flawless and easy to navigate. But we couldn't help but wonder whether the same content in an A4 graduate brochure would get us quite so excited. What's missing is the idea. With a creative theme to hold it together, this might've stolen first place. Verdict: Left us dazzled but craving more.

1st: Perrys

"I want to work with spanners." Sweetheart, at some point in life you inevitably will. This infectious video warmed our hearts on a cold November eve. The kids are convincing, the message uplifting and, for the motor industry, it feels genuinely different. Our main criticism is that we don't know how it works overall. Does it sit within a wider campaign? How do candidates find it? Oh well. It has enough soul to fill in the blanks. Verdict: Lights our touch paper.

Congratulations go to The Whole Caboodle of Harrogate who win the October Ri Fiver for their wonderful film for Perrys.  Commiserations to SMRS, Bernard Hodes Group, Wave, ThirtyThree, and WDAD, and thanks to everyone who entered.  Thanks too to our judges, Lauren Compton (senior writer, Penna Communications) and Ed Collingwood (freelance art director).  Closing date for the November Ri Fiver will be Tuesday, 30th November at midnight.  Judges will be TMP Worldwide's Andy Holden, and Dan Gregory of Euro RSCG Riley.  Entries please to - click here for rules and conditions.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

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Anonymous Date: Nov 19, 2010

when i grow up i want to stop copying brilliant work from 10 years ago and making a poor copy of it....

Anonymous Date: Nov 19, 2010


Anonymous Date: Nov 19, 2010

Er... Who are Perrys? What do they do? Why should I use them?

Justin Ballantine Date: Nov 19, 2010

For my money, there’s one clear winner here. (Not ours, incidentally.) I appreciate that we all warm to different things, that we respond to different messages, that creativity is subjective, but, really? Perrys? More ‘oh, dear’ than ‘ooooh, ahhhh’. There, I’ve said it. *Light touch paper and stand back*

Dave Southall Date: Nov 19, 2010

True. But worth it for the inspired "'I want to work with spanners.' Sweetheart, at some point in life you inevitably will." comment. Do like that NT ad. Very much.

Noel Thomas Date: Nov 23, 2010

Quite like the perry's ad (bar the awful voiceover at the end). Am sure the client would have been happy with a picture of a car and a man in overalls, so well done for getting it sold in. Working in the industry, it's no surprise we've seen stuff like this before, but I bet the target audience of this little movie hasn't.

The target audience Date: Nov 23, 2010

Even so, that still doesn't justify copying an existing idea. If you've been given the opportunity (and indeed, budget) to film a minute-long commercial, why not use that to create something new and exciting, instead of taking the easy way out and producing a watered-down version of someone else's idea? Just a thought.

LL Cool J Date: Nov 23, 2010

Errrr... what about dancing midgets then? Is that a good idea?

Anonymous Date: Nov 24, 2010

I think the "dwarves" are great actually.

Anonymous Date: Nov 24, 2010

The target audience - do you think the audience will know its an idea that has been "used" some while ago or could they just be interested in working for Perrys?

The target audience Date: Nov 25, 2010

Of course they won't know - and the chances are, they probably never will. But as I've already said, the target audience's nescience shouldn't be an excuse to rehash someone else's ad. Ever.

craig cameron Date: Nov 25, 2010

Perrys a clear winner for me!! So what if the concept is a modification of an old idea.. this could be said about ALL the entries! and so what if Perrys isnt a well known brand... the contest isn't about what client is the most well known is it?

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