The Ri Fiver May: simples the best

No, it’s not a misprint.  It’s those pesky meerkats again.   Not content with selling insurance, they are now in the recruitment space and their latest effort has found favour with the Ri Fiver jury.

Meerkovo, however, did not have things all its own way.  Four entries attracted votes from the jury in the May Ri Fiver competition, including Hydrogen Group and a piece of research aimed at encouraging people to work overseas.

Pink Squid founder Nicola Freeman liked this one: “Interesting content is brought to life with bold design and craft – it makes it more engaging to read and digest,” said Nic.  Creative directors Chris Bennett (DNA) and Matthew Sinclair (SMRS) were also impressed by how the work (produced in-house) presents high volumes of data in an interesting and engaging way.

This campaign by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (designed to increase the number of UK citizens working as EU civil servants) also had its supporters.  The hub, devised and created by the Telegraph Media Group and with content including an interview with William Hague, generated over 3,000 applications.  Hugh McQueen, managing director of the McQueen consultancy, was among those to be won over: “Well thought out, well executed campaign, pressing all the right buttons in terms of giving graduates access to the kind of information we know they’re after,” says Hugh.  “Use of the hub works particularly well, allowing users to get right under the skin of a career at the EU.”

Another entry attracting votes was this multi-media campaign by Penna for Birmingham City Council.  The link includes the reasoning behind the model bulls and freelance art director Ed Collingwood was among those to be impressed: “Eyecatching,” says Ed. “It did take me a moment to twig why there was a bull in it, but I think that's me being a southerner. I love the fact that they actually crafted the bulls rather than photoshopping an image as it gives real authenticity to the idea.”  Mark Braun (creative director at 360°) was another to back the bulls: “Conceptually, a strong and brave approach to a difficult and sensitive challenge,” says Mark. “It is also refreshing to see an idea for social workers that doesn’t use the usual stereotypical imagery.”

In the end, though, there was no denying the meerkats their place in the Ri Fiver sun.  “Nicely branded, well targeted, funny – all the things job ads should be, and all too often aren’t,” says Andy Rigden, who will shortly leave Bernard Hodes and start life as a freelance writer.  Martin Flavin, creative director at Five by Five People, couldn’t decide whether this was a corporate marketing campaign masquerading as recruitment or the other way around, but it was his winner: “It’s incredibly exciting from a strategic perspective and brings those two usually warring factions of marketing and HR together beautifully.”  Jon Dobinson, founder of Other Creative, was torn between the FCO campaign and Meerkovo’s search for an ambassador.  In the end, this one got the nod: “It’s very hard to compare and rank two such different types of activity – but this is a stand-out recruitment ad that would undoubtedly have been very effective,” says Jon.

And, indeed, Jon is right.  We can tell you that, not only were 1,500 applications received for the Meerkovo ambassador’s job, but that a student called Josh Mitchell has got the job.  So, congratulations all round.  Will Aleksander Orlov turn up for the presentation of the May Ri Fiver?  Or will we have to make do with his ambassador?  Watch this space.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

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Anonymous Date: Jun 23, 2011

Was there an agency involved in the winning ad doesn't say ...

editor Date: Jun 23, 2011

The ad was entered by a third-party. The agency involved was told of the nomination but, for whatever reason, did not enter formally.

Anonymous Date: Jun 23, 2011

Are we saying that Birmingham City Council's new model for social care is largely bull?

Anonymous Date: Jun 24, 2011

Who are these people you ask to comment/validate work? What a load of schmaltzy bull****

Philip Clarke Date: Jun 24, 2011

Josh Mitchell's an opera singer. Went on a crash diet and shaved his moustache off. Watch yer brand Orlov.

Anonymous Date: Jun 29, 2011

Anonymous schmaltzy bull (above) would do better to comment on the work. Could it be that h/she has not been nominated to join the Ri Fiver jury?

Editor Date: Jun 29, 2011

Jury membership is still open. Nominees should be writers, designers or digital specialists of high standing in recruitment communications. Contact please.

Paul Roper Date: Jun 29, 2011

What about outside of recruitment?

Spike Turner Date: Jun 30, 2011

Paul, the clue is in the name: Recruitment Intelligence Services. is a site about Recruitment communications, this tends to lend itself towards its awards of the Ri Fiver being within the realms of recruitment.

Paul Roper Date: Jun 30, 2011

Spike, thanks for the sarcasm. I was speaking broadly in that I worked in the recruitment industry for over 16 years, but now within the wider brand side of advertising. Being an open forum I would have hoped you would welcome such a view.

Spike Turner Date: Jun 30, 2011

Paul, I used to work in the world of brand advertising myself, but now work within recruitment advertising. I'm not sure that a branding ad really has a place in awards for recruitment advertising though, unless you're talking about employer branding - but that would fall under the guise of recruitment?

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