The Ri Fiver December result

This month's Ri Fiver is brought to you by that old-time, knees-up, music hall double act Anderson & Haskayne. And gawd bless ‘em, they've only gone and done the whole thing to the tune of the Hokey Cokey!

The Ri Fiver  

You put your best ads in
You take your worst ads out
You send it to the judges
And they shake them all about
You do the Ri Fiver and you win £5
That's what it's all about

Ohhhhhhhhhh the Ri Fiver!
Ohhhhhhhhhh the Ri Fiver!
Ohhhhhhhhhh the Ri Fiver!

And it's slightly disappointing December turnout.

We got two entries in
We couldn't throw anything out
Which didn't leave us much
To really shout about
Without the hokey cokey, we'd have been up the spout
Thank God that's what this entry's about.

Ohhhhhhhhhh YHA's not some kinda jokey!
Ohhhhhhhhhh it's not just blokey, blokey!
Ohhhhhhhhhh it's for all kinda folky!
Climb things, make tea, blah, blah, blah.

We'd keep the message in
We'd take the job title out
With some nice media choices
It was in with a shout
But we'd take the art direction and shake it all about
That's why it's got to miss out.

Ohhhhhhhhhh the Ri Fiver!
Ohhhhhhhhhh I don't know how long we can sustain this
Ohhhhhhhhhh it's pretty weak already
We'd better get on to the O-G-C

They've put a strong message in
They've left all the waffle out
It should be inspirational
As it's talking 'bout a drought
We'd like more emotion with what the ad's about
And the logo's a bloke knocking-one-out.

Ohhhhhhhhhh the agency is Tribal
Ohhhhhhhhhh they only had one rival
Ohhhhhhhhhh but it was still the most desirable
Knees bend, arms stretch, R-i-5!

Ohhhhhhhhhh do the Ri Fiver!
Ohhhhhhhhhh do the Ri Fiver!
Pleeeeeeease do the Ri Fiver!
Win award, impress your mum,  ra-ra-ra

Ri5 sends its thanks to the judges, Gavin Anderson of ThirtyThree and Jamie Haskayne of aia  Congratulations once more to Tribal, who win the Ri Fiver for December, and to their client OGC.  Commiserations to Wave and the YHA, who at least inspired the judges.

The Ri Fivers are sponsored by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), one of the world's leading professional societies for the engineering and technology community. The IET publishes two key offline recruitment titles - Engineering & Technology and IET Student & Young Professional Magazine - and the website Engineering & Technology Jobs (

Closing date for entries for the January Ri Fiver will be midnight on Monday 2nd February 2009.  Our judges for the first competition of the year will be Duncan James of Euro RSCG Riley, and Henry Davies of Work Communications. 

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

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