The RADs at 25 – can you help to find previous winners?

The RADs at 25 – can you help to find previous winners?

As previously reported on Ri5, to mark the 25th anniversary of the RAD Awards, organisers RBI are looking to collate the artwork from as many previous ‘works of the year’ and category winners as possible, with the aim of compiling an archive of RADs winners.

So far the industry has done a sterling job of tracking down some materials relating to past winners (which can be seen at the online archive), but there is still a significant number that the RADs team are yet to get their hands on.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the hardest material to track down has been the older work, with anything from pre-2000 proving particularly elusive. With this in mind, the RADs team are putting out a renewed call for your help in finding artwork and content from years gone by.

Some of the winners from that time include London Fire Brigade, the Metropolitan Police Service, Boots, Pizza Hut, British Airways, Capgemini, Computer People and Adams Childrenwear.

And the team are particularly keen to hear from people with links to agencies that were operating around that time, such as Barkers, TCS, Austin Knight, Riley, PA Consulting and MDK.

So, if any of those names ring a bell, the team would love you to get in touch. Ideally, they’re hoping to source hi-res artwork for use in the archive, although in some cases any materials will suffice.

If you have anything lying around on an old hard drive – or in the loft - contact Pete Clarke by email or on 020 8652 2085.   

Thursday, 8 January 2015

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Noel Thomas Date: Jan 9, 2015

We're still looking for two TCS awards that went missing from the 2009 night! If people wouldn't mind checking the company names on their gongs... :)

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