The October Ri Fiver: strong field beaten by NATS

A clear winner emerged from the high-class field of entries for the October Ri Fiver.

Support for the entry from the Isle of Man Government came from freelance art director Ed Collingwood: “It's refreshing to see a well-crafted press ad that's not only eye-catching, engaging and has a sense of creative fun, but which clearly communicates the answer to the eternal recruitment advertising question: why would I want to do this job? All aboard.”

Three creative directors voted for law firm Wragge & Co’s website, produced by ThirtyThree: “… a nicely executed design piece with some good immersive content for the target audience,” said Matthew Sinclair (SMRS); “… clear messaging and some sweet UX bits that make it engaging and fun to navigate,” said Martin Flavin (Five by Five People); and for Mike Tamlyn (Wave) it was a clear winner: “Fresh, modern and beautifully crafted navigation,” said Mike. “This entry is head and tails above the others this month, just a shame it wasn’t in time for the RADs entry as by next year this site will have been emulated by many. Top work ThirtyThree.”

This month’s winners, however, are aia worldwide’s animated banners for NATS, recruiting air traffic controllers. Freelance writer Andy Rigden had some reservations about the headline, but he was won over: “Fresh. Relevant. Well-executed. It’s all things good ads are meant to be.”  “The elegant simplicity makes this, for me, a clear winner. Outstanding,” said freelance art director Rob Walker.  Mark Braun, creative director at 360 Degrees Advertising, agreed: “NATS get my vote purely because they have created dramatic animations for the site that hold you. They are simple but very effective and powerful.”

The simplicity of the approach also clicked with Hugh McQueen, md of the eponymous agency: “Like all the best ideas, disarmingly simple. A clear winner.”  Freelance writers Richard Marsden and Phil Woodford were both taken with the music used in the ads: “Lovely stuff,” said Richard.  “It waltzes off with my vote.”  And from Phil: “There’s an original thought behind this web-based campaign. The use of classical music to complement the message and animation works surprisingly well. It paints a rather romantic view of air-traffic control, but that’s advertising for you.”  And we’ll leave the last word to Noel Thomas, creative director at Penna: “A beautifully crafted set of visually stunning rich media banners, that clearly show how challenging the role is in a dramatic fashion. The music is the icing on the cake. Great job AIA.”  (Click here for the second banner in the campaign, and click here for the third.)

Congratulations go to NATS and aia, who win the Ri Fiver for October.  Our commiserations to ThirtyThree (Wragge & Co) and Penna (Isle of Man Government), and thanks to all who entered. 

The final Ri Fiver of the year will be a combined award for the months of November and December.  This will be the last chance to qualify for the Ri High Fiver party, when the jury will assemble and vote for the best work of the year.  The closing date for entries will be Friday 30th December 2011, at midnight.

Click here for the November/December entry form.  Click here for the rules, regs and rubrics.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

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