The Metropolitan Police Service launch 'Do Something Real’ recruitment campaign


The Metropolitan Police Service is launching its most ambitious police constable recruitment campaign to date featuring the voices and stories of serving officers, as it seeks to double the number of new recruits joining in the next year.

The ‘Do Something Real’ campaign aims to show the breadth and variety of a policing career and the motivations of serving officers to make a difference to the lives of Londoners. The Met is seeking to recruit more than 2,000 new officers in the next year – more than double the number who joined last year - to take its total strength to 30,750.

The campaign will be seen across London in the coming months and features 11 officers who explain why they joined up. Acting Sergeant Stevie Bull who featured in the campaign, said: “The Met is built by its people; we need people that are passionate, driven and ready to embrace change. I wanted to contribute to finding these people. I am proud to be a police officer.”

New features of the recruitment campaign reflect research into what either drives people to join or puts them off the idea. The current campaign sees two main policy changes: improvements to the package for candidates so they can avoid upfront payments for their initial qualification; and a partial relaxation to its policy on visible tattoos.

The Met will now fund the Certificate of Knowledge in Policing (CKP) from private colleges and has integrated the courses into the training programme so recruits will be paid as trainee officers whilst they complete the course and will no longer need to obtain the CKP before applying.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

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The Metropolitan Police Service launch 'Do Something Real’ recruitment campaign