The May Ri Fiver and the good things of Leon

As is often the case, this month's judges decided that licensed premises would be the best place to decide the fate of May's Ri Fiver.  Bernard Hodes' creative director Andy Rigden and freelance art director Gill Sales had lots of good things to say about the entries:

"Lots of good stuff this month. Six pieces of work made the cut. We spread them out on a big wooden table in Leon on Ludgate Hill and started scratching our heads how we'd compare press ads with websites and videos. Luckily a ‘balanced scorecard' was very close at hand...

Barnet - Children's Service video

This is well-scripted and well-cast. There's evident thought in the direction and the core idea comes across clearly. But our first thought when we saw the illustration was: Microsoft, which was a shame because we both liked this. Perhaps if the style was given a twist, it would mask the influence and improve the impact?

Leon's Classic Baked Beans. An old favourite, well-executed.

University of Teesside - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Games Level Design

Another good piece of work. If you accept the premise that all Games Designers have dark imaginations, then this does what it promises. The illustration's big and bold and bloody, and there are some nice touches. We particularly liked the disclaimer. Arguably, using shock tactics is too easy, but the Benetton approach is clearly here for a reason so we put that doubt aside. Our main quibbles were around the conventional layout and the left brain, right brain theme which seemed familiar.

‘Sonny' Chicken Curry. Big flavours, but ultimately a conventional choice.

Thames Valley Police - Call Handlers

All the elements of something really good are here. The idea's sound. The copy's succinct. And thought's clearly gone into the art direction with the use of the clapperboard and how this has been applied to the headline type. Yet, somehow, the whole ad is less than the sum of its parts. It needs a push. The design needs more lightness of touch. And maybe another level of interest could be introduced by making the headline the campaign strapline?

Grilled Halloumi & Sweet Chilli. Interesting combination, but doesn't quite live up to expectations.


Gift Street Fundraisers -

We'll be upfront about this: we're a curmudgeonly pair. So when we saw the ‘spirit of the street', masking tape and exposed brickwork on the home page we winced. Organisations trying to be down with the yoof are always heading for a fall. Then we watched the videos. These are genuinely charming, completely unselfconscious and a couple are laugh-out-loud funny. And how often can you say that about a job ad?

The Leon Gobi. Dodgy presentation, sensational inside.

Audit Commission -

One for the Tech Heads. With its iGoogle-type personalisation and array of Web 2.0 features, this is probably the shape of career sites to come. But is it a great piece of creative work? We had our doubts. It's full of good user-related ideas, but it's not the prettiest site and its core creative theme - that you can follow your own mission at the Audit Commission - didn't do it for us. Companies have missions; people don't. And by addressing candidates in corporate language it seems to undermine the great advantage of sites like this, which is their ability to talk to people rather than at them.

Veggie Soup. Full of good wholesome stuff, but short on flavour.

Great Ormond Street Hospital - Anaesthetic Practitioners/Scrub Practitioners

And finally an ad for theatre folk at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The headline's been treated nicely. The shot and retouching are fab - the surgical instruments have a real sense of character. And the copy is short and to the point, although to be fair it could probably have worked harder. But, best of all, there's not a grainy black and white picture of a five year old in sight. Unanimously our favourite, and this month's Meaty Platter."

Our thanks go to Andy Rigden and Gill Sales for judging, and our congratulations to Tribal.  Commiserations to all who came close.  And thanks to everyone who entered.

Closing date for entries for the June Ri Fiver will be midnight on Tuesday, 30th June 2009.  Judges will be two freelancers: art director Bonita Enright and writer Phil Woodford.  Entries please to - it's free and simple to enter - click here for details.

And finally, a message from our sponsors:

The Institution of Engineering & Technology, Europe's largest engineering body, is proud to be the sponsor of the Ri Fivers and the IET Prize 2009 - recognising true excellence in recruitment communication.

IET Recruitment Media provides online, print and sponsorship talent solutions for recruiters in engineering and technology.

The IET publishes three key offline recruitment titles - Engineering & Technology, IET Student and Young Professional Magazine and IET Engineering & Technology Career Guide along with the IET hosted job board Engineering & Technology Jobs ( IET Recruitment Media also offer recruiters sponsorship opportunities for The Young Women Engineer of the Year Award as well as the IET Ambition and Achievement Awards.  Contact: +44 (0)1438 767228;

Sunday, 31 May 2009

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HARRIS McLIMESCALE Date: Jun 26, 2009

Gor, those Call Handler positions with the Thames Valley Police don't pay very well, now do they? I don't think I'll be applying for one of those any time soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Date: Jun 29, 2009

Don't worry Harris, plenty of time to change your mind. Got a few weeks left in Production before the ad even goes live.... hang on....

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