The great gender pay gap debate. Have your say.

The great gender pay gap debate. Have your say.


As PwC bans all-male job shortlists to boost the number of women in senior roles, we want to know what you’re thinking in our poll.

Most companies like being at the top of a table. Yet when you’re PwC and it’s reported that you’re top of the league for having the widest pay gap (showing that on average men earned 43.8% more than women), it’s not surprising they’re taking action.

First, let’s be fair. There are a lot of worthy initiatives going on at PwC, such as a returnship programme (which encourages those who’ve taken a break, such as maternity leave), to do six-months’ paid work experience. They also allocate ‘progression coaches’, usually partners, to work with women and ethnic minorities employees to help develop their careers. Yet their latest move is their boldest to-date. They plan to outright ban all-male job shortlists to help boost senior female leadership numbers.

On one hand, its intent is admirable. Yet shouldn’t employers be interviewing those who are right for the role – regardless of their gender? And that’s where it’s hard to hazard a guess if this move will actually bring about any real change.

Is this a well-meaning, yet tokenistic, initiative? If they’re only including women on the list (yet they’re not suitable on paper, but added merely to ensure it’s not an all-male list), why bother? And, in the spirit of equality, doesn’t that mean there should be a ban on female-only job shortlists? It feels marginally insulting on all sides.  

Don’t women just want to feel assured that the right person has been employed into the right job, without discrimination and on the basis that all other things are equal?

Is this even possible?

Or are PwC trying to fight a losing battle where, in reality, time is the ultimate solution? Whereby,  eventually, old-fashioned preconceptions simply... die out.

Certainly, when you have the likes of Akbar Al Baker, International Air Transport Association chair and chief executive of Qatar Airways, flinging around statements that his job could only be done by a man “because it is a very challenging position”, it feels that only once the custodians of yester-year are out, that a new dawn might truly come about.

Or not.  

That’s why we’ve put together a little survey to see how you feel. It’s totally confidential (unless you want to leave additional comments below), but we hope it will give a snapshot as to our industry’s feelings on the matter and we’ll report back on it in a couple of weeks’ time.

Click here to take part in the short survey.


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

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