The future of employment is in quality not quantity

The future of employment is in quality not quantity

The Coronavirus pandemic may catalyse a permanent change in the way in which we view the quality of people's roles, working conditions and management practices. 

There’s an understandable focus on unemployment levels right now. Unemployment is likely the highest it's ever been as sectors such as hospitality, tourism and travel have been decimated by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

With this in mind of course most are thinking about the quantity of jobs, there's an almost equally important debate regarding the quality of future jobs. This pandemic has highlighted the sheer significance of quality and flexibility of earning a living. Obviously not everyone has a job that allows them to be flexible in times like these, for example construction jobs and any job that requires physical contact with another person, however those who have found an easier and smoother transition to working from home are very likely to be working in a well organised system with realistic goals and expectations. 

Another dimension to the job quality discussion is the fact that people work better and harder when doing a job which they genuinely enjoy, this should be incentive enough for companies and employers to provide the right kind of work which will stimulate their workers. 

The long and short of the situation is that just prior to the pandemic outbreak, the western civilisations had developed a system which wasn't conducive to high quality work in all jobs, with many people stuck doing only menial tasks. Many have lost jobs during this pandemic and many are taking up extra responsibilities as a result if they do keep their jobs, as a result of this we have an unprecedented opportunity to make the quality of jobs overall far better, hopefully having a long term positive effect. It would create a win win situation for both the employee and employer.

Friday, 3 July 2020

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