The first winner of the Ri Fiver year

The new jury system for the Ri Fivers has worked a treat.  Nineteen of the finest creative minds in recruitment had a difficult choice to make from a field of the highest quality.  Given the global nature of recruitment today, it's great to report that the winning work comes from Australia.  Here are all the entries that attracted first-place votes from our jury, together with a selection of comments.

Air Tanker Services - agency: TMP Worldwide
"The art direction is lovely and the copy reads very well," says Mark Horley of Work.

Makro - agency: Feather Brooksbank
Freelance art director and graphic designer, Rob Walker liked the simplicity of this entry: "A straightforward proposition translated into a neat ‘does-what-it-says-on-the-tin' ad that doesn't tie itself up in creative knots."

British Airways - agency: Bernard Hodes
Jonathan Richards of Other Creative and freelance art director Ed Collingwood were impressed by this BA senior management  trawl.  "Proper recruitment advertising: a strong idea, well-executed," says Ed.

Virgin Atlantic - agency: aia
"A strong clear message and results that speak for themselves," says Mike Tamlyn of Wave.  Mark Braun of 360° describes it as "a simple and memorable piece of work.  The use of the medium is excellent and the execution very good."

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service - agency: Five by Five People
This unusual use of the mirrors in gym changing rooms found favour with some.  Jon Dobinson of Other Creative thinks it is attention-grabbing and thought-provoking.  Matthew Sinclair of SMRS liked "the very simple user interaction (and channel activation) of this - I would hope a lot of people played about with it."  He wonders how many snapped themselves and posted their ‘firefighter' images online.

Turner Broadcasting - agency: Penna
This equal opps work is the runner-up this month, with three votes.

South Australian Government: agency: Blaze Advertising
Our congratulations - and the Ri Fiver - go all the way to Australia.  This work ran out the clear winner.  "Well-executed video.  Held my interest to the end - not an easy thing to do," (Danny Buttarazzi, freelance art director); "Really well-executed ideas, well presented ... interesting, engaging and just the right length to get the message across ... not keen on ‘it' in the title though - what is ‘it'?! Be specific, it makes it more memorable," (Nicola Freeman, Pink Squid); "I was struck by the professional, contemporary execution of the videos ... I felt that I was listening to real people telling their stories, rather than scripted automatons. A sophisticated piece of work" (Phil Woodford, freelance writer).

So, while no fewer than seven different entries attracted winning votes, our first-past-the-post system produced a clear winner.  Goodness only knows what would have happened if we'd opted for AV.  We have invited Jamie Haskayne of aia to write about the first of our new -style Ri Fiver competitions.  Jamie was the first ever judge of the Ri Fivers, just over five years ago.  His overview will appear in a couple of weeks time.

Ri5 sends thanks to all jury members.  Jury membership is open to writers, designers and digital creative specialists of standing in recruitment communications.  If you would like to take part, simply ask a creative director who knows your work to send a nomination to

The April Ri Fiver

The new competition has got off to a cracking start.  The idea, as always, is to showcase brilliant creative work in the recruitment and employment marketing worlds.  It's free to enter and winning is priceless.  There are now only a few working days before the deadline for entries - Tuesday 3rd May at midnight.  Don't miss out - click here for details.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

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Noel Thomas Date: Apr 19, 2011

I personally loved the attention to detail in the winner, like the old Mac SE half way through the video - perhaps that's 'cause I'm getting old though.

Philip Clarke Date: May 6, 2011

Worthy winner, cute crafting, great to get the movie clips in there.

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