The final Ri Fiver of 2011

The Ri Fiver year ended with a bang, and one of the biggest and best selections of creative work seen in some time.  The jury was divided, with no fewer than eight different pieces of work attracting votes.  The winner, however, won by a clear margin and, for the second time in the year, the Ri Fiver is heading abroad.

Stephen Dix of Bernard Hodes Group voted for Saudi Aramco, although he will be alarmed to know that it missed out on the award.  Dixy rather rashly promised to “eat the Ri5 editor’s trousers if this film doesn’t win.”

BP’s “ultimate field trip” competition attracted support, with juror Noel Thomas so impressed that he wanted to enter himself.  (It’s not quite clear whether his feelings for Professor Brian Cox were the determining factor.)

Freelance art director Ed Collingwood voted for Central Manchester University Hospitals’ ‘B’ movie poster campaign aimed at health visitors and community nurses. “Witty stuff, nicely executed, and a refreshingly different approach to this type of NHS brief,” said Ed.  “I like the print stuff very much, although it would have been a nice finishing touch if the website had carried on with the imagery as well as the typography.”

Jon Dobinson, founder of Other Creative, and Mark Braun, creative director at 360º, both went for Clarks’ careers website.  “I’m going for competent and thoughtful execution, even if it’s not showily spectacular,” said Jon.  And this from Mark: “Some lovely pieces of work entered this time around but the Clarks website stood out for its simplicilty, interactive quality and classical design. Websites all too often fall into the trap of adding unnecessary bells and whistles but 33 have resisted this to bring a site that oozes class and great functionality.”

The Unilever graduate campaign attracted votes too.

The word “quirky” cropped up in a number of comments, including two of those who voted for Grant Thornton’s multi-platform campaign for entry-level roles: “Quirky, very brave for this sector, and memorable and engaging,” said Matthew Sinclair of SMRS. “And some valuable ‘life’ advice too!”  And Phil Welch of Euro RSCG Riley agreed: “A quirky concept that delivers on a variety of integrated platforms.”

And so to our winner.  The Belgacom film, ‘Are you one of the 25?’ (from Insilencio the leading Belgian employment communications agency) found favour with many.  “Even though personalisation has been round a while, it still makes me smile,” said freelance writer Andy Rigden.  And from Gavin Anderson of ThirtyThree: “Always good to be surprised in a format where you think you've seen it all. Moody film added to the excitement when you finally got the 'stalker' reveal. Nice.” 

“In a world where personalisation is becoming everything, this was a nice attempt,” said Mark Horley of TMP Worldwide.  “Sadly, I wasn’t one of the 25. But I liked the intrigue.”  For freelance writer Phil Woodford, this was the strongest selection of Ri Fiver work he’s seen as judge/juror. “Although I feel the BP field trip campaign has the greatest strategic depth, this is fundamentally an award about creative excellence,” says Phil. “Belgacom have created a genuinely quirky and compelling piece of film, with really interesting Facebook and mobile integration. Many people claim to create something viral, but fail to deliver. I genuinely believe this to be something people might share with friends.”  And we’ll leave the last word to another freelance writer, Richard Marsden: “Playful. Smart. Engaging. Very very well executed. Belgian. Interesting. Wonders will never cease.”

Congratulations go to Insilencio and Belgacom, who win the Ri Fiver for November/December.  Commiserations to McQueen (Grant Thornton), ThirtyThree (Clarks), TMP Worldwide (Central Manchester Hospitals), SAS (BP and Unilever) and aia worldwide (Saudi Aramco), and thanks to all who entered.  The Ri Fiver year-end party (when voting takes place for the winner of the Ri High Fiver, and the IET Prize 2011 is presented) will take place on the evening of 7th February at the Savoy Place headquarters of the IET.

The deadline for the first Ri Fiver of 2012 will be on Tuesday 31st January at midnight. Click here for the entry form.  Click here for the rules, regs and rubrics.

Saturday, 31 December 2011

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Dixy Date: Jan 25, 2012

Take off thine trousers Mister Anthony - I've tucked t'tablecloth into my shirt collar and I'm ready to nosh down on those ill-fitting cavalry twill trews of yours Bobert. Pass the salt 'n' pepper Kevvy T - I'm going in.

Anonymous Date: Jan 26, 2012

Cavalry twill? You should be so lucky. The editor wears nothing but rust-coloured heavy corduroys at this time of year.

Yopo KL Date: Jan 27, 2012

I am one of the 25 of the previous generation and I know a lot of hard work went into this nice campaign. Well deserved victory for Belgacom!

Dixy Date: Jan 27, 2012

Lorks O Lordy. I'd better bring my steak knife and a big pack of Rennies.

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