Talent Works publishes research on Developer Recruitment

Talent Works publishes research on Developer Recruitment


Recruiting Developers is a challenge for organisations across every sector, not simply tech – as every type of industry is undergoing a digital transformation. It is a challenge in every part of the world, not just the UK.

Talent Works has published a new report on developer recruitment that is based on more than 6 months of desktop research, candidate conversations, campaign analysis and data modelling from multiple sources. They also have incorporated their own experiences of running developer recruitment campaigns in locations as diverse as Seattle, Texas, Montreal, Amsterdam, London, Nice, Krakow, Bangalore and Sydney.

More about the report

The Report is available to view online and it provides an overview of the full research. It contains:

  • A breakdown of the audience into key Developer ‘types’
  • Insight into the technologies that Developers most want to learn
  • An understanding of technology trends and programming languages
  • A segmented view of messaging

To download the full report, visit https://www.talent-works.com/developer-report

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

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