Snapchat advertising

Snapchat advertising


Crunch have been talking about Snapchat Advertising for a while now. Back in July 2016 (oh how time flies!), they wrote a blog highlighting that Snapchat advertising was on the cards, but it came with a wallet emptying minimum spend of £50,000.

The news has now broken that will make education and recruitment marketers across the country rejoice – Snapchat Advertising will soon be available without that wallet-emptying minimum spends and with real-time optimisation capabilities.

From June, Crunch will be releasing Snapchat Advertising as a service which can be integrated as part of your digital campaigns to amplify video content and start conversations with your millennial audience.

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Snapchat is the fastest growing social media channel to reach the millennial audience. You just need to take a look at the stats to know that Snapchat advertising is going to be a huge deal:

  • Snapchat has over 7.1 million users in the UK
  • Around 30% of this are 18-24 years old
  • The average person spends over 2 and a half hours on Snapchat per month

Snapchat is the go to channel for students so education marketers and graduate recruiters take note – this is the channel for you.

Snap Happy – What’s the fuss about?

Let’s get this right, Snapchat is purely an image messaging application. Whether you’re already a member of the #snapfam (meaning Snapchat family) or never used it. It can’t be ignored that Snapchat has undergone tremendous growth in video views. Therefore becoming a valuable media contender for the media share of wallet.
Snapchat’s core functionality is to produce multimedia messages – in real time. Being a multimedia mobile application it’s compelled by imagery. Snapchat simply sends photos or video that happens when in ‘the moment’.
Currently over 100 million active daily users watch on average 10 billion videos per day. Far from its 2012 claim of 25 images sent per a second. In the here and now, Snapchat boasts 9,000 snaps sent every second. That’s more than 1 billion unique snaps generated every single day.


So what’s the big attraction? The proposition is very simple, Snapchat oozes fun, entertainment and creativity. It’s been invented in an age where people’s time is absorbed more than ever before, social media blunders can stick forever and people demand instant media. It’s all about ‘the moment’, like the same way you’d send a text. And now over 41% of all US 18-34 year olds – every day.

More than meets the eye

Snapchat is a visual way of expressing human emotion, and its intention is to not be a memory catcher. People are using it to speak and talk with friends. A study has shown that out of all the social media platforms, Snapchat has the highest engaged audience.

Snaps ads

Snap ads offer full screen video ads by combining branded video advertising and direct response to a snap. This enables snapchatters to swipe and interact with the advertiser. To combat against advertising tools like Facebook Canvas and Gmail ads, Snapchat advertising will focus on vertical videos and full screen format with the option to use audio.

What does this mean for recruitment?

Crunch Digital Consultant Jess Hickman has researched the impact that videos have in recruitment advertising.

As there will be more competition for skilled workers in the UK, Snapchat advertising will be the perfect tool for recruiters to use. Short videos will allow advertisers to highlight culture and create excitement over specific roles.

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

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