Sharp increase in non-EU workers helps ease recruitment difficulties for skilled jobs

Sharp increase in non-EU workers helps ease recruitment difficulties for skilled jobs


The CIPD and Adecco Group have released their Summer 2019 Labour Market Outlook.

Amid continued political uncertainty, broadly employment growth this Summer remains strong. The majority of LMO employers still intend to increase staff levels, and pay expectations for the coming year increased marginally within the private and public sectors.  

However, a slight decline in employment confidence this quarter highlights that key recruitment and retention challenges remain for many employers. For example, this quarter saw a worrying decline in the number of applicants for low-skilled jobs, which is due at least partially to the fall in migration from the EU. 

In comparison, the supply of candidates for medium and high-skilled jobs has remained consistent. This is partly because of a relatively high number of non-EU migrants arriving in the UK during the last year to live and work. The removal of the migration cap for key professions, such as healthcare, has been key to reducing recruitment difficulties for employers. 

Sue Atkinson, Commercial Director, Penna, comments:

“Times are hard for organisations looking to recruit, the CIPD and Adecco Labour Market Outlook report demonstrates that competition for talent is still strong.

“The market demonstrates a number of job vacancies at a lower level but applications for lower-skilled roles have decreased year-on-year. This indicates a pressing need for employers to look at their early-careers recruitment. Key to a strong people pipeline is growing your own talent. It’s worth remembering that if you can retain the best, they may become your future leaders.

“Embracing digital recruitment will be a key tool for employers. Digital natives don’t make applications through traditional routes, and passive top-talent needs to be excited and engaged. We expect an increased demand for tailored programmatic recruitment advertising as a result of these difficult labour market conditions.

“While salaries have increased year-on-year there is more to attracting and retaining candidates than the pay check. By 2020 millennials will make up half our workforce. This is a generation which demands investment in their professional development, access to leadership, demonstrable CSR and fast-tracked progression over financial gains.

“All this means organisations must look carefully at their employer brand. This is the mechanism by which you communicate your values and workplace benefits to attract talent. Our own Penna research has found that almost 30% of employers are finding it difficult to retain staff too. So, it’s then about embedding this culture across your organisation, holistically and enthusiastically.”

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

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