Secondments – the way forward in a challenging economic climate?

Secondments – the way forward in a challenging economic climate?

Julie Towers, chief executive of Tribal Resourcing, puts the case for secondments as a way to provide much-needed, public-sector career development opportunities during the downturn.

"With relocation to take up new jobs becoming increasingly difficult because of the drop in house prices, negative equity and the challenge of getting a mortgage, we are definitely moving towards more regional recruitment.  Could secondments be the answer to this, as a way of providing career development and building capacity?

"A recent online survey carried out by Tribal through the jobsite generated over 3,000 responses and showed that 71% of executive job-seekers were interested in secondment opportunities as a way of developing their careers.  But only 34% of organisations said they regularly used secondees from other public-sector organisations.  Perhaps more could be done to balance supply and demand?

"Not surprisingly, the areas of most interest for secondment support or work were change management, transformation and children's services, where capacity and capability are often required for short to medium-term programmes.  The executives surveyed were clear that a secondment would broaden their experience, increase their possibilities of promotion and improve the transferability of their skills.  Meanwhile, the public-sector recruiters were clear that secondments would benefit their organisations by bringing in new perspectives, expanding networks and helping with examples of best practice.

"As an executive recruiter, we were keen to see how we could help match secondments with secondees, as this was the biggest challenge raised by our respondents - so we have agreed to offer free secondment listings for a period of one month on our executive job board"

Thursday, 26 February 2009

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