School to Work campaign


The EY Foundation has launched a White Paper which presents the case for the implementation of a new School to Work Framework in every school in the UK. 

The conclusions are:

  • The School to Work Coalition believes that the evidence is compelling: the UK needs a new systemic approach that enables all young people to transition successfully into work and jobs they want to do.
  • The new approach needs to provide a much clearer route for young talent to join local employers facing skills gaps, a win for young people, business and UK productivity.
  • Many employers, schools and the VCSE sector already invest a huge amount of resource and effort in supporting young people into work. This good practice needs to be built on to create a new School to Work Framework that should form part of the curriculum in every school and college in the UK, so that all young people can benefit, wherever they live.
  • The Framework will generate new relationships across the UK between employers, schools and colleges, the VCSE sector and young people.
  • We believe that the time for change is now. The status quo is not working for young people or UK employers. There is an urgency that cannot be ignored.
  • That is why we are launching the School to Work Campaign: to build a broad coalition to ensure the successful development and implementation of the new Framework across the UK.

You can read the full report here

The EY Foundation is a UK registered charity that works directly with disadvantaged young people, employers and social entrepreneurs to create or support pathways to education, employment or enterprise. EY Foundation is an independent UK charity that builds and delivers programmes, working with third parties and volunteers. EY Foundation operates and is incorporated independently of EY and is governed by a separate trustee board.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

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School to Work campaign