Scary bosses, intimidating interviews and working for Trump...


A Halloween poll by totaljobs puts Trump at the top of the list of most ghoulish bosses to work for.

With Trump named as the scariest celebrity boss, Lord Sugar comes in as the most intimidating interviewer – hardly surprising given his often quoted ‘you’re fired!’ catchphrase.

Conversely, almost half of employers answered that Lord Sugar would make the best celebrity boss, confirming that the fear factor is a big part of his appeal.

totaljobs asked 8,559 candidates and 268 recruiters their opinion, with majority of each agreeing Trump would make the scariest boss. Given he’s already gone through a Chief Strategist, a Chief of Staff, an FBI Director, a Deputy Assistant and two Communications Directors, we would agree!

Sir Alex Ferguson features at No.4 on the list with a fearsome reputation among his players. Just last year, Ryan Giggs said “…even now he scares me.” 

And again, employers begged to differ, placing Sir Alex equal pegging to Lord Sugar as best boss material.

totaljobs also asked recruiters about intimidating tactics and almost half of recruiters admitted they had intentionally asked difficult questions of a candidate at interview, while 20% admitted to using negative body language. 

17% also admitted to acting disinterested on purpose to throw a candidate, while 26% think that creating a slightly uncomfortable atmosphere at interview is a justifiable way to see how candidates handle pressure. 

35% of interviewees admitted to being intimidated by an interviewer, whether through aggressive questioning, feigned disinterest, negative body language or a raised voice.

47% of those were intimidated by swearing. Given we’re talking about a professional interview situation, that’s perhaps the scariest part of all!

The top five scariest celebrity bosses are:

1. President Donald Trump (54%)
2. Lord Alan Sugar (44%)
3. Rupert Murdoch (26%)
4. Sir Alex Ferguson (25%)
5. Piers Morgan (25%)

Matthew Harradine, totaljobs’ Director said: “While intimidating bosses may make tough interviewers, candidates agree that their toughness would make them good people to work for. While the nicest person in the world might be fun to work with, our study has found employees don’t think they are necessarily the best people to learn from, which is what employees are looking for in a boss.

“On the flipside, the people employees least want to work for are those who seem to go through staff quickly and experience a high team turnover. It’s safe to say that a balanced and respectful environment is where employees feel they are most likely to strive.”

Thursday, 26 October 2017

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Anonymous Date: Oct 27, 2017

President Trump is a boss? Really? He cannot even manage his own hair.

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Scary bosses, intimidating interviews and working for Trump...
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