Salaries increase at steady rate

Despite continuing post-election uncertainty, the latest statistics from CV library report that average salaries across the UK increased by a steady 1.3% on the June 2016 figure.

The number of job vacancies also increased last month.

The positive news for workers also finds that many cities across the UK saw an increase in pay in June when comparing year-on-year data. Some key cities also saw month-on-month growth, including Glasgow at 9.1% and Sheffield at 1.2%.

The city that saw strongest salary growth from June 2016 was Sheffield at 11.3%, followed by Cardiff at 10.9% and then Edinburgh at 7.4%.

Some of the UK’s key industries also witnessed a rise in salaries year-on-year. Hospitality (15.2%) and administration (8.5%) saw the biggest increases. And despite social care, education and automotive all facing increasing uncertainty post-Brexit, these sectors also saw strong increases in salaries.

The findings also confirm that business confidence remains high with job vacancies increasing by 4.4% year-on-year. Key cities such as Glasgow, Brighton and Manchester saw particularly impressive increases in the number of job vacancies, by 24.1%, 19.5% and 17.5% respectively.

Conversely, candidate application rates saw an 11.6% drop when compared with June 2016.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

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Salaries increase at steady rate