S1jobs spoofs PepsiCo’s decision to use robots for interviews

S1jobs spoofs PepsiCo’s decision to use robots for interviews


Back in April, PepsiCo spoke out about how they were going to use robot technology (artificial intelligence) to help with initial interviews for a Russian campaign. You missed that one? Well, s1jobs certainly didn’t…

In fact, so enamoured were they with the initiative, that they decided to go one better by creating a game on their site that ‘mock interviews’ jobseekers to register their details for the site.

It’s hard to put into words, but this tongue-in-cheek game aims to give job hunters the chance to sample the job interview experience and practice answering the kind of questions they may face in a real-life situation, with a cheeky twist. And its star interviewer? Well, given that the national animal of Scotland is a unicorn (you learn something new every day!), whilst it’s not an actual unicorn interviewing – that would be crazy – it’s a unicorn-styled interviewer. Brilliant.

The 80’s style graphics, the tinny music, the quirky questions, and – our favourite – the ‘hitting the space bar quickly’ bonus rounds (go on… you know you want to play now), all make up what can only be described as a bit of fun time-out from your busy day.

It’s a little bit silly. But we like silly at Ri5. And if silly manages to bag s1jobs more job hunters, whilst lightly reinforcing the importance of being prepared for an interview AND managing to spread a little bit of humour along the way… then good on ‘em.

Marketing Director at s1jobs Wendy Pauley said, “s1jobs has long been synonymous with Scotland’s distinctive sense of humour. When we saw Pepsi was using robots to interview people, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to use our unicorn. We’re willing to bet a Scottish unicorn has better patter than a Russian bot!

"On a serious note, job interviews can be a stumbling block for a lot of candidates. Some people let their nerves put them off applying for a new role, while others may feel overconfident so they end up not preparing correctly. We hope our new game can make candidates raise a smile at the thought of being interviewed, while helping them to prepare for the real world of interviews.”

We know you can’t resist. See s1jobs.com/play

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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