Right here, right now. Job hunting habits of today.

Right here, right now. Job hunting habits of today.


As technology continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, it seems only natural it will impact how we search for a job.  We’re used to everything being accessible. Thanks to our mobiles, we can take a sneaky peak at the latest job vacancies almost whenever and wherever we want. And, it seems, we are.

Mobile data from Monster.co.uk shows that 49% of job searches take place during the working day (9am to 5pm). And even if candidates aren’t quite that brazen, 58% of job searches are happening on the commute home (5pm to 7pm). It’s a ‘right here, right now’ approach. We don’t like to wait for anything anymore. Job hunting and applying included.

It also showed that 32% of job seekers search for a job on their mobile phone – with 37% of Gen Z applying for jobs on their mobiles. Yet despite this, only 49% of HR professionals believe that having a mobile friendly job site is important to their hiring strategy. And 9% admit it’s not always possible to apply for the jobs they advertise via mobile.

On the one hand, Monster warns recruiters risk losing the attention of the next generation of job seekers unless they embrace a mobile first strategy. We don’t disagree.

Yet on the other hand, is there not an argument to suggest that taking time out to think when you’re not at work, or on your journey home, might lead to a more considered and serious application and applicant? Particularly as the most popular day to upload CVs is on a Wednesday – which Monster says is a reflection of hump day blues.

Monster.co.uk’s VP of Marketing Europe, Sinead Bunting, comments, “Generation Z are a mobile first generation, turning to their phones for dating, shopping and now to boost their careers. Today’s job seekers expect to be able to view jobs seamlessly on their mobile devices and to be able to apply for them quickly and easily.

“Apps like Monster Job Search do this by harnessing the latest technology in a way that’s quick and easy to use, helping candidates find and apply for jobs on the go and on their mobiles, something that wasn’t on offer until fairly recently. We’ve worked hard at removing the barriers to applying for jobs, so users can simply swipe their way to their dream job – exactly like finding a date on Tinder.

“Recruiters need to reflect this in their offering, building well designed and functional apps to attract talent, allowing candidates to follow the application process through on mobile from search to job acceptance seamlessly, or risk losing the attention of the next generation of talent.”

Thursday, 4 October 2018

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Anonymous Date: Oct 9, 2018

Perhaps it is just me, but how can 49% of job searches take place between 9am to 5pm and 58% between 5pm to 7pm? This adds up to 107%. And that's not even allowing for those that search outside of these times...

Editor Date: Oct 10, 2018

There is nothing wrong with your maths. Our apologies. It should read 'And even if candidates aren’t quite that brazen, there's been a 58% increase in job searches on the commute home (5pm to 7pm).' Thanks for bringing it to our attention!