Ri Fiver: the August result

A report from Dimension XXZ234D
by "Good" Mark Braun, 360° and "Good" Jonathan Richards, Penna.

The day we met to judge the August Fiver the Cern Large Hadron Collider was in full swing and the world was gripped by the possibility of being sucked into a black hole. But the story was a ruse, propaganda by the authorities to hide the terrible truth that random wormholes were actually opening and closing across the world. In a blink of an eye, somewhere in EC2, we found ourselves transported to a parallel dimension where we bumped into our "Evil" selves at a trendy, but very evil, restaurant. After awkward introductions and evil looks we decided to make the most of the multi-dimensional paradox and do the judging together.

3 = Rilwood Associates - Tongue

Good JR: It's certainly an eye-catching press advertisement for Digital Planners.
Good Mark: The overall proposition is very clear too.
Evil JR:  There's an attention-grabbing "urgh" but attention to the art direction of the copy would have pushed this entry further up the list.
Evil Mark: I wonder if there was an online campaign too?


3 = Southampton City Council - Bond Villain

Good Mark: Another attention-grabber that's very playful. They obviously tried hard to get the client to do something different in a marketplace that's full of dull "town landscape" photography.
Good JR: Very brave and different for a local authority.
Evil JR: I don't know about you but my cunning plans always go wrong. You go to months of planning, build underground lairs, hire thousands of henchmen and some whippersnapper spy destroys it all when your back's turned. And after I'd gone to all the trouble of pointing out the finer points of my plan to destroy the world.
Evil Mark: 8/10 judges would've fallen for the cute cat.

3 = University of Teesside

Evil Mark: There would've been more points for a visible headline. As it is for people who are probably currently in the industry, perhaps it could have focused on challenge of teaching the next generation of gamers.
Good JR: The "murderous innocence" of the girl with the chainsaw is very arresting.
Evil JR: If you notice a few incomplete sentences at the beginning of the copy [sic].
Good Mark: But the copy is short and punchy, which is a role model for other HE institutions.

2 = GIFT

Good JR: The Monty Pythonesque absurdity and "Ben & Jerry" typeface certainly feels right as a direct mail for employees and potential employees of an organisation that encourages outgoing people.
Good Mark: It's fun and the dye-cut direct mail would've have stood out on the doormat among all your mail.
Evil Waitress intervenes: I like that. I'm from Hungary. We don't get to see many French cows.
Evil Mark: I'm not sure about the green credentials of a methane-producing cow.

2 = Thurrock Council

Good Mark: The art direction on the "razor blade" concept is strong. There's no easy proposition to experienced Foster Carers and this campaign gets to the emotive message: "you don't give up on people".
Good JR: Foster Carers is quite possibly one of the toughest briefs for a creative team. The proposition is to bring up a child that's not yours, emotionally and/or physically damaged and don't get paid much for it. The solution here is to talk up front about the issues and get to people who are attracted by that challenge.
Evil Mark: The other two ideas in the campaign aren't as strong as the "razor blade". Adventurous art direction would've made the campaign stronger.


Good Mark: This microsite is a beacon for others. The attention to detail, especially in the radio stations, was genuinely entertaining as well as informative. The idea followed through on everything. The radio is so much better than the usual reams of text that usually sits on "relocation" sections of a recruitment website.
Good JR: I agree with Mark. It's hard to judge this against press advertising and direct mail entries but we have to hold it up as an exceptional piece of online work. Creating an entertaining podcast is very difficult. The level of work that went into the recording studio would've taken days to get right.
Evil Mark: It's a shame the external links take you away from a site that you're enjoying. Could they have kept more within the site?
Evil JR: And can they stop listening to our evil plans?  

Ri5 sends thanks to all who entered and, of course, to judges Mark Braun of 360° and Jonathan Richards of Penna. Congratulations to TMP, who win the Ri Fiver for August.

The Ri Fivers are sponsored by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), one of the world's leading professional societies for the engineering and technology community. The IET publishes two key offline recruitment titles - Engineering & Technology and IET Student & Young Professional Magazine - and the website Engineering & Technology Jobs (www.theiet.org/jobs)

Closing date for entries for the September Ri Fiver will be midnight on Tuesday 30th September. This month, we are delighted that no fewer than three distinguished and award-winning creative directors will be doing the honours: Russ Hodgson from Stafford Long, and Nicola Scott and Manjoor Azizul of TMP

Sunday, 31 August 2008

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