Ri5's holding company has ceased trading

Ri5's holding company has ceased trading

Recruitment Intelligence Services Ltd, the company that runs the Ri5 website, has ceased trading with immediate effect.

Since the turn of the millennium, we have followed the rocky road of recruitment communications, aiming to inform, guide and even amuse its participants. Many fine and talented people have helped along the way: clients, contributors, supporters, and friends have all played important parts in sustaining the Ri5 team. Despite determined effort, it has been impossible to find a viable way forward and, with reluctance and sadness, we have to call it a day.

Thanks to all. We wish it could have gone on longer.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

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Steve Playford Date: Sep 3, 2019

So sorry to hear this. Kevin, Spike, Bob, Vicky and all of the other people that have worked in this business have always been a pleasure to deal with. A truly sad day in the recruitment comms industry.

Peter rice Date: Sep 3, 2019

This really is sad news. Thanks for all your efforts in supporting, celebrating, promoting and representing the industry, you've been a great presence since the beginning, thank you. You did good. Good luck.

Jerry Taylor Date: Sep 3, 2019

Such a shame, your work in the industry has been tireless. Ri5 has been a regular go to source of industry information. All the best for your next adventure.

Claire Herriott Date: Sep 3, 2019

Deeply saddened to hear this news. That must have been a tough decsion, and one I'm sure you've held out making for as long a time a possible. You have always been great to deal with, part of our indutry's history for so long, you will be much missed. I wish you all the luck there is for the future. :-( Thank you x

Deborah McCormick Date: Sep 4, 2019

What terribly sad news - a real light has gone out in a vastly changed industry. Thanks for all your hard work over many years, and best of luck for the future, Ri5 team.

Noel Thomas Date: Sep 4, 2019

Very very sorry to hear this news - good luck to all involved - you'll be missed!

David Jenkins Date: Sep 5, 2019

Gutted! Ri5 was the go to place for all things rec comms, and the kudos of seeing your agency as the headline will never be lost on me. We like most other agencies moved into pastures new but I was still a regular user, although I can understand the challenges that you face. Thanks to everyone, Bob, Kevin, Spike who helped over the years, you've covered the whole industry and been central to so much over the years. I'm sorry that it's ended like this. When one door closes, you have the opportunity to open others now and you're a talented bunch so look forward to hearing about your next venture. Take care, Dave from Wave

Miles Skelton Date: Sep 5, 2019

Hi guys. What sad news! Thank you for everything you have contributed over the years in an industry that has seen unprecedented change - you managed to stay relevant to the end - best of luck to you all for whatever is next.

Mark Asten Date: Sep 5, 2019

Sorry to read this. Ri5 was always a must read. Thank you for everything over the years. It will be missed.

Emma Jeffery Date: Sep 5, 2019

So sad to hear this, you've been the touchstone for industry news for most of my career. Thank you for all your hard work over the years and best of luck for the future - you'll be missed.

Anonymous Date: Sep 5, 2019

Thank you for providing a valuable service to the sector for so long. What will fill the void???

Dave Amos Date: Sep 5, 2019

Thanks RI5 for helping educate, inform and entertain so many of us.

Danny Cannon Date: Sep 5, 2019

Dear Kevin, Spike and Vicky. I am shocked, saddened and hugely disappointed to hear this news. Your efforts, over such a long and challenging period, to provide a professional, informed and accessible focus for the whole Recruitment Advertising fraternity was unsurpassed. Unfortunately, we will never, I suspect, see your like again. Our loss. Best wishes for whatever you choose for the future.

Peter Phillips Date: Sep 5, 2019

Very sad news. You guys were a very important part of my time in recruitment advertising. Good luck in your future endeavours!

Natasha Kyndt Date: Sep 5, 2019

How very sad; you have been essential reading for those in our little, unknown industry sector. I hope all staff are okay and will be able to prosper in new environs in the future,

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