Ri5 readers get vocal about Brexit

Ri5 readers get vocal about Brexit


When we last conducted this poll, back in January 2017, we were looking to gauge the general mood as to what impact Brexit would have on organisations and their ability to recruit.

Given where we are, we thought it would be useful to revisit this poll as we navigate through the Brexit negotiations.

This time around, we had 108 respondents. 53% of you are in-house, whilst 30% came from ad agencies and 17% from the media.

We’ll let you look through the graphs yourselves as they’re pretty self-explanatory (this year’s votes are in purple and last year is in yellow).

For the most part, there’s not a huge deviation – a few percent here and there (erring towards feeling less confident and the climate being more challenging). However, there are three noticeable big changes.

The first is for Question 4, where 41% of you (in comparison to 54%) have said that the referendum result has had no impact on your hiring, alongside a 6% increase to 13% of those of you who state you’ve frozen your hiring.

The other big leap is in Question 5, where 73% of you now think that the referendum has made it more difficult to fill roles (in 2017 it sat at 52%), which is supported by another large increase from 67% to 80% of you (in Question 6) believing that as a result of the referendum overseas talent will be put off the UK as a work destination.

As a finale, we decided to let you ‘tell us in your own words what you want to see happen, and when you would like to see it’. As 38 of you kind people were good enough to share your thoughts, we’ve decided to include them all. From the ‘to-the-point’, to ‘the more considered’ you laid it on the line. A vast majority of you would like to see Brexit stopped (one way or another) and of those of you who were pro-Brexit, or at least resigned to it, there were calls for clarity, action and confidence. 

Thanks, as always for your input. We appreciate it. We’ll leave you with your comments to mull over (for the more delicate amongst us, some of the comments should be bleeped, however we’ve left them in their original format for authenticity. Hope you don’t take offence).

  • I’d like to remain.
  • The option to put any proposed agreement to the people for a second vote based on the facts.
  • I’d like to see Brexit cancelled. Please?
  • We need a 2nd vote now that people who had no foresight have actually seen what a mess this has caused.
  • Government to get its arse in gear in the national interest, accept that we're not in a strong negotiating position with the EU (we're the country that voted to leave, rightly or wrongly) and stop having internal party squabbles
  • I would like Brexit not to happen or at least for there to be a second referendum on the Brexit deal that is reached by the government.
  • No Brexit, ASAP
  • Clarity now
  • Clarity (breakdown of economic impact, effect on infrastructure, Guarantee of protection over jobs and rights that extend to both worker and human in context) - ASAP
  • Stop Brexit
  • Hard, true Brexit is what we voted for - and it should've begun (article 50) the day after the referendum result. Self-obsessed, political point scoring and hypocritical remoaners unwilling to accept democracy have unquestionably hampered the process - to the nation's detriment and the EU's selfish delight.
  • More growth
  • Re enter the EU ASAP
  • No Brexit
  • The government needs to really focus and be decisive. Time is running out and I have no confidence that anyone knows what they're doing!
  • A second referendum as soon as possible.
  • It's a shitstorm!
  • Out with no deal.
  • Put a stop to this self-harming stupidity and remain in our strong position as a leader within the EU, rather than weakening the UK’s position on the world stage
  • A complete U-turn on this complete farce before it's too late. I'd like to see it happen yesterday.
  • A clear plan, as soon as possible, of what life looks like and what opportunities there are post-Brexit.
  • Brexit cancelled!
  • I would like to see a second referendum on the final deal. The first referendum was handled badly with no definition of what we were voting for. No we have a bunch of narcissitic fools how have some weird Victorian nostalgic ideas about just how the UK can survive outside of the EU. Or in the case of Boris Johnson a complete and utter untrustworthy fuckwit.
  • I would like to see the whole useless process stop immediately.
  • I want to see the remoaners put in their place. Ideally now.
  • #stopbrexit
  • I would like to see Brexit scrapped or at least hold a second referendum. The public need to have much more information about the terrible effect Brexit will have on the wealth of the nation, jobs, the NHS, etc.
  • Another referendum to reverse the dreadful decision that is simply the result of Tory leadership power games.
  • I would like to see the decision made null and void in light of the recent findings relating to the Leave campaign. The vote was premature and based on no facts. Subsequent research that should have been done before such a vote suggests that Brexit is not the best way forward for the UK.
  • Hold a second referendum the result of which will only be binding if >66% agree. IF no agreement then current status quo to remain.
  • Personally I feel it was a massive mistake driven by ignorance across a confused platform (and just because there are more ignorant people in the country than others doesn't make it right) - however the biggest bone of contention is the fact that the Brexit position had no solid proposals at all, if remain was "project fear" then Brexit was (and continues to be) "project fantasy". I think that what the actual reality of Brexit (hard borders and the like) needs to be set out in a further referendum followed by a general election afterwards where political parties can set out why they are the people who can best deliver what the "better informed" broader public have voted for: hard Brexit with no deal; Brexit on the deal that has been arrived at; Reverse the process and switch to remain in EU.
  • Stay within the UK and cancel Brexit.
  • Out
  • Stay in the customs union.
  • I'd rather not see Brexit at all, but let's keep restrictions to a minimum. We should encourage talented/willing people from abroad to do the jobs the British can't or won't do.
  • We expect graduates to be able to work in a VUCA environment but didn't want the whole country to be in one for over 2 years!
  • I would like a second referendum where people are not lied to about a Brexit dividend of 350 million per week for the NHS. I would like to live in a country which isn't riven by people thinking immigrants are the roots of all our problems. I would like to live in a country which is part of the EU, and which has contributed hugely to one of the longest periods of peace the continent has known. Depressingly, none of this will happen!


Thursday, 26 July 2018

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