Ri5 readers fear Brexit impact on overseas talent

Ri5 readers fear Brexit impact on overseas talent


Two-thirds of Ri5 readers feel overseas workers will be less likely to consider the UK as a destination for work following the EU referendum.

Following the recent Parliamentary vote on the Government’s Brexit Bill, and with the UK now on its way to leaving the European Union, Ri5 followed up on its previous Brexit research by asking readers how they currently feel about the likely impact on their organisations and their ability to recruit.

Some 67% of respondents said they felt overseas talent would be less likely to come to the UK for work, while only 15% felt that wouldn’t be the case. A further 12% said they felt there would no change.

The findings echoed those from earlier waves of the research, with the majority of respondents expressing concern about how their organisations have already been affected, alongside fears for the future.

Half of respondents (47%) said things had been more challenging for their organisation since the Brexit vote, compared to 22% who said things had been going well. Meanwhile, almost a third (29%) said there had been no change at their organisation since the referendum.

When asked about their confidence regarding recruitment seven months after the referendum, over half of respondents (55%) said they were less confident while only 15% said they were more confident. Almost a third (29%) said there had been no change in their confidence levels.

On a slightly more positive note over half of the survey’s respondents said the referendum has so far had no impact on their recruitment activity. Meanwhile, a quarter of respondents said they have either frozen or reduced their hiring, and one in ten (11%) said they had increased their recruitment activity.

The findings in full:




Wednesday, 15 February 2017

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