The Ri5 profile: Simon Charles

The Ri5 profile: Simon Charles


Simon is Advertising Agency Account Manager at CV-Library.   He shares with us his dream job, Room 101 pet hate, and a habit inflicted on fellow passengers on the last train home from Waterloo …

How did you first get into the industry?

I was lucky enough to stumble across CV-Library when I moved from Newcastle to Surrey, and here I am five years later!

Would you do the same again?

Absolutely! The last five years have been really exciting at CV-Library as we continue to go from strength to strength. Every day is different with new challenges and working on different brands is really exciting. I also enjoy working very closely with my clients on various campaigns – it makes a huge difference when you’re working with such a good group of people.

What would you do if you didn’t do this?

If I could I would like to run a chill-out surf bar, either in Bali or Fiji. But the reality is I would be selling something somewhere!

Who are your favourite people from the industry?

I love working with all my clients and find each and every one of them refreshing to work with. They’re a fantastic blend of crazy and hardworking, and it has been great building good relationships with each and every one of them over the last few years.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career?

Always be polite, attentive and considerate. If you look after your customers your customers will look after you.

And what piece of advice would you give somebody starting out in the sector?

Know your strengths and be confident in your own ability. I’d also say look for the company that has the most potential to expand and can give you great opportunities in the future.

What’s your favourite recruitment ad?

I have to be biased with this one – the offline marketing and design teams at CV-Library work really hard on our outdoor advertising and it’s always eye-catching and attention grabbing when I’m in London.

And what’s your favourite non-recruitment ad

The Ostrich Advert, Samsung

You’re entertaining industry contacts. Where do you take them, and why?

London is full of great bars and restaurants, so I think I’d definitely go somewhere nice for dinner and drinks, followed by a visit to a nearby karaoke bar once everyone has had a few!

What are you reading at the moment

The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho

And what are you listening to?

Anything indie 

Which five guests would you invite to your ideal dinner party?

Russell Brand, David Attenborough, Jennifer Lawrence, Serge Pizzorno, Margot Robbie

What are your top three films?

Man on Fire, Gladiator, Blood Diamond

Something or someone for Room 101?

People that chew with their mouth open. Drives me insane!

What items do you never leave home without?


What’s your biggest achievement – career or otherwise?

My biggest achievement or the one I am most proud of outside of work is winning the Youth cup final against a far better team.  We overcame the odds and ground out a result and I will never forget it.

Who’s your biggest hero, and why?

My Grandad, he is the most hardworking person I know, with lots of decent advice and always has time for me and his relatives.

What is your ideal holiday?

Hawaii / Bali type place, with good food, good surf and lots of stuff to keep me occupied.

Three words to describe yourself?

Competitive, loyal, hardworking

Your best and worst habits?

My worst habit has to be my excessive food binges, usually on the last train home from Waterloo. I’m not sure on a best one – you’d have to ask someone else!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

When the other half is away (I like no witnesses) I will order the Domino’s big night in: 2 x large pizzas, chicken strips and garlic bread. All evidence is destroyed!

What has been your worst/most boring job you’ve ever had?

I used to work in a gym and the manager made me clean the grill around the Olympic swimming pool with a tooth brush – took me 2 days, my teeth have never felt the same.

What single fact would surprise people the most about you?

I am a Geordie


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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

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