Ri5 profile: Sam Price

Ri5 profile: Sam Price


Sam Price, graduate recruitment officer at KPMG, has worked in recruitment (with brief stints in HR) for over five years. He's worked across a variety of industries including engineering and retail, along with public sector government organisations.

In his role at KPMG he looks after the graduate and intern recruitment for audit roles in the North of England and Scotland. In his two years at the company he's been heavily involved in assessment centres and building relationships between the recruitment team and the regional offices.

How did you first get into the industry?

I completed an industrial placement year while at university. It was at Bosch in Worcester, and I had a 50/50 split role between recruitment and HR.

What was your first job in rec comms?

See above. Following university, I also worked in the officer recruitment team at British Transport Police for seven months.

Accident or design?

It was a job through an agency – I merely wanted to carry on the work I enjoyed during my placement year.

Would you do the same again?

Yes. Although my role at BTP was a little limiting, it opened the door to a number of other opportunities.

What would you do if you didn’t do this?

A more physical job. I do a lot of exercise outside of work.

Proudest achievements?

Professional: Various professional achievements, but most of all, showing resilience in the face of incredibly difficult circumstances in my previous role before KPMG and coming out of it stronger professionally than I have ever felt.

Personal: Again, various. Sporting achievements spring to mind, with the most recent being finishing a half marathon in 1hr 27mins.

Top professional influence?

My current performance manager Matt – the way he handles situations in terms of keeping calm and taking a step back always resonates very strongly with me.

In terms of something which I stand by at work, a previous manager at a different company once saw me getting a little frustrated with a situation, and explained that he had previously worked abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan with the army. He then asked me ‘will this situation cause anyone to die?’; at which point I calmed down – the question always puts the world of business into perspective for me.

Favourite industry colleague and why?

Again, Matt.

Why we love online social media?

Easy to spread messages in an instant.

Why we hate online social media?

Easy to spread negative messages in an instant.

Favourite recruitment ad and why?

Teach First’s video a few years ago – very inspiring and gives you an insight into the real benefits of being a teacher. The personal approach works well.

Favourite non-recruitment ad?

The Sony advert a few years ago with the paint fireworks coming out of the block of flats – it looked like they had a great time making that!

Favourite author/composer/film director/artist?

Author: George Orwell
Composer/music: Arctic Monkeys
Film Director: Shane Meadows (mainly for the work on This is England)
Artist: Amelia Hardwick (although she isn’t famous)

One work by each of the above?

George Orwell – 1984.
Arctic Monkeys – Reckless Serenade (from the album Suck it and See).
Shane Meadows – the episodes of This is England ’86 he directed.
Amelia Hardwick – the flowers painted for her auntie two years ago.

Perfect weekend?

I recently went on a stag do to Bremen in Germany. We went out on Friday, went to a beer factory and a local Bundesliga game on Saturday, and sat in an outdoor beer garden by the river all day on Sunday eating Bratwurst. Great time!

Best restaurant for:

Impressing: Hawksmoor – great steak and brilliant cocktails

Romance: San Carlo (Birmingham city centre)

Enjoying with friends: Byron

Eating: Bodeans

Guests for the perfect dinner party?

Vinnie Jones, my mate James, Leonardo di Caprio.

Something or someone for Room 101?

People who suddenly stop right in front of you in the street, or people that walk far too slowly.

Looking forward to?

Moving in with my girlfriend later this year.

Fondest memory?

Spending time with my granddad.

Favourite sport (participant)?


Favourite sport (spectator)?


Sporting hero?

Steven Gerrard.

Holiday – sun/sea, ski, safari, or culture?

Sun and sea.

Any brushes with fame?

I’ve met Lee Evans, Kelly Holmes, and the band The Cribs.

What single fact would surprise people the most about you?

I’ve played football against Chelsea U18s and Fulham U21s (albeit in friendly matches).

Thursday, 4 June 2015

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