Ri5 profile: Jean Davenport

Ri5 profile: Jean Davenport


Jean Davenport is client manager in the Government, Healthcare and Education Solutions team at TMP Worldwide. A New Zealand native, she’s now firmly rooted in the UK although she has the benefit of being able to support the rugby team from back home…

How did you first get into the sector?

Moving to the UK from New Zealand, I needed a job, and the agency realised I was probably suited to something a little more creative than my previous experience in a bank would offer. They suggested I talk to line manager, whose first question was whether I had hairy feet, as I came from Hobbit land. I’m sorry to say I looked down to check…

What was your first recruitment-related job?

A query analyst – it made all the execs’ lives hell, double-checking their work, and sorting out all credit control issues.

Accident or design?

Total accident. I thought I would work in banking.

Would you do the same again?

I’m not sure; I don’t think I would have enjoyed being in London as much if it had been a dull ride.

What would you do if you didn’t do this?

I always fancied being an architect - however that involved maths, and whilst I am reasonable about it I don’t like it!

Proudest achievements

Professional: Being recognised for my ability and my managers having enough faith in me to promote me to my current role as client manager.

Personal: Setting up my life 12,000 miles away from my family, and staying.

Top professional influence?

Laura Pope – she has always believed in me and my abilities without fail.

Favourite industry colleague and why?

There are so many to pick from. I have to say, if everyone wasn’t so great I would have left years ago!

Why we love social media?

Stalking friends and family from home.

Why we hate social media?

My mother stalking me.

Favourite recruitment ad (and why)?

Has to be my most recent one for University of Bristol, the Associate Dean of Eureka Moments, as it ruffled some feathers throughout the academic world on Twitter.

Favourite non-recruitment ad (and why)?

The kittens coming out of the McVittes packet - need I say more?

Favourite piece of music/album?

One of the only things my Dad taught me about music, Fleetwood Mac – Rumours.

Favourite film director, and film?

Any totally cheesy romantic comedy; most people know I have the movie taste of a 15-year-old girl.

Favourite artist, and artwork?

I have this beautiful piece on my wall that a friend gave me, but I have no idea who it is by, but it just makes me think of hope.

Most looking forward to?

My New Zealand Summer holiday – and flying over Christmas day to avoid it.

Favourite sport (participant)?

I played underwater hockey and netball at school, but I wouldn’t want to go back to it as I would have to cut my nails!

Favourite sport (spectator)?

I’m a Kiwi, it has to be rugby.

Favourite team and/or sporting hero?

Further to above, ALL BLACKS!

Holiday – sun/sea, ski, safari, or culture?

Depends on who I’m with, I have great friends for all. But nothing beats sitting in the sun looking out to the beach with a cocktail.

Three words to describe yourself?

I’m more afraid of what three words other people would use!

Best/worst habit?

Best: I’m a bit of a homing pigeon and always get myself home.
Worst: Speaking before I think

Guilty pleasure?

Reading in bed. With chocolate.

Any brushes with fame?

When I was four, I appeared in a news report about religion at Easter. And was in a very bad mood so I was in the background with my ‘I’m not happy face’ on.

What single fact would surprise people the most about you?

I’m too much of an open book to have surprises.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

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